Simple Valentines Crafts for Kids

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Do you need a few simple valentines crafts to keep your kids busy?

simple valentines crafts

My children had so much fun with this simple idea. I have to admit, I was very impressed with their creativity and that it kept them busy for an hour. 

simple valentines crafts

What you Need for these Simple Valentines Crafts

  • toilet paper roll (at least one for each child)
  • acrylic or washable paint in pink, red, and purple
  • foam paint brush
  • paper plates for paint
  • white copy paper

simple valentines crafts

Fold the top of the toilet paper roll to form a V shape to resemble the tip of the heart. Fold the bottom of the roll in a point for the bottom edge of the heart.

heart stamp 4


We actually made the V and point shape on both’s ends of the toilet paper roll so they could switch colors. 

simple valentines crafts

Simply have the children dip the toilet paper roll into the paint and have them start creating a masterpiece. 

simple valentines crafts

This is such a fun, almost prep free, simple valentines craft that turns out so cute! My children made several heart collages to give to family and friends.

Be sure to check out how we used hearts to study the names of God. It’s also a joy to bake together and make something festive to eat while the craft is drying.

Thanks for pinning these simple valentines crafts for others to enjoy!

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