This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alpha Omega Monarch Homeschool. All opinions are 100% my very own.

Monarch is a rigorous interactive, Internet-based homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12. I’ve had all summer long to dive deep into this online homeschool curriculum. Monarch contains Bible-based online lessons in the five core subjects of Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science, and abundant interesting electives. 

Having to choose from so many electives allows your child to truly make their education truly their very own. The elective courses are one of my favorite perks of this online homeschool curriculum. 

My Thoughts on Monarch Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum


  • Little to No Prep

Once reading the teacher and student manual the curriculum there is no prep time for teachers and students. This is a lifesaver when homeschooling many children or for busy families. 

  • Extensive teacher and student guides

To get the full benefit of the Monarch Curriculum, I suggest that you take some time to read the student and teacher manual. They also have a free getting started guide. It’s very helpful. 

  •  Easy to navigate the curriculum

I had absolutely no trouble setting up my teacher’s or my student’s dashboard. In fact, I set it up without reading the instructions. My children found it very easy to manipulative the lessons, too. 

  •  Rigorous curriculum 

I believe the Monarch curriculum is definitely an extensive homeschool program. I felt that it was a little advanced as far as the Texas public school is concerned. There were a few topics, mostly vocabulary,  in Science my child wasn’t familiar with. I purposely choose a science lesson for him because he was required to take the science state test this past year. He mastered the test but still wasn’t familiar with a few of the terms. 

  •  Online Grading and more

Your students daily assignments, curriculum plans, due dates, subject reviews, and grades are available at the tip of your fingertip. Students and parents will be aware when a student falls behind in their lessons or are right on track. I remember having to make sure daily that my child completed their assignment and grading it was always time-consuming as a homeschool mom of multiples.

  • Media-rich Content

Over 25,000 multimedia components! Includes entertaining video clips, audio files, challenging games, and interactive exercises. My children really enjoyed the fun games. 


  • Requires WiFi and Computer

Each child would need to obtain a computer and WiFi would need to be set-up. So if the Internet is down you are out of luck. I think it would be difficult for students to share a computer.

  • Costly if using for multiple children

The cost for up to 3 students is around $700.00 per year. If you add another student, there is not a discount for adding another student. Of course, the curriculum is consumable and you wouldn’t be able to save the content and courses for later use.

  •  No Live teacher

Depending on your student, not having a live teacher can be a bit of an adjustment. There are plenty of text and videos to explain the content. However, I would suggest students utilizing the free trial period before making a decision. 

Overall, I strongly believe Alpha Omega Monarch is a good quality curriculum, especially for busy families. It’s just a matter of adapting to doing homeschool online verse as group learning with both parent and student. As a current public school teacher, I only wish I knew about this extensive online curriculum when we homeschooled. I would have used it for my middle and high school students.

To make sure Alpha Omega Monarch is a right fit for you and your students, try it for FREE for 30 days. Take time to explore and test out all the different courses that are available. 

Use Code    MON30BBD

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this inclusive homeschooling online program. It will make life so much easier for the whole family.