Shakespeare Lapbook Mini Unit

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Shakespeare Lapbook Mini Unit

It’s Shakespeare’s birthday!


A friend asked me today why, with all the books I’ve written on Shakespeare, and all the lapbooks I’ve put together, why I hadn’t put together a Shakespeare lapbook before this.  The answer was fairly simple, I am not 100% convinced that Shakespeare is meant for a younger audience…I love reading Shakespeare, especially with a group of excited teenagers, but I have my limits as to how much I think Shakespeare should be shared with younger kids.  

So, for all of that, why a lapbook on Shakespeare at all?  I finally agreed, that done right, Shakespeare could be enjoyed, on a limited basis, by younger students.  So this lapbook attempts to give them just a glimpse into who he was and what he did.

It includes a timeline of his life and work, a number of his classic quotes, and some pictures to introduce him to the Kings and the Queen that Shakespeare cared about…and a few of the characters in his plays.  (Warning, as with any of our lapbooks, there are not specific directions for how to put this lapbook together.)

If you are doing Shakespeare with younger children, you might also enjoy some of the Lamb’s Tales of Shakespeare, and a limited number of videos (particularly some of the comedies).  My younger children have all enjoyed Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado about Nothing, Taming of the Shrew and Comedy of Errors — please, please preview any Shakespeare videos before you show them to any students — but particularly younger ones.

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