Serve Your Pastor as a Family! (Free Printables)

Printables and ideas to help your family bless your pastor.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Make some plans as a family to serve your pastor in the next few weeks. It will not only bless your pastor, but will be a great bonding and learning experience for your kids any month of the year!

Pray for Your Pastor

Download these weekly prayer cards and use them during mealtimes or family devotions. Simply print and cut them out. You can attach them together with yarn or a book ring. You could even assemble them and hand them out as gifts to other families in your church and pray over your pastor together!

Download the prayer cards here. 


Give Cards and Gifts

Want to give your pastor a gift? Print one of these wall art posters or thank you cards. The kids can sign their names across the posters or cards or you could include a little gift certificate with it. Download the colorful kids’ pastor appreciation poster or the matching thank you card. For the more serious types, you can try the green pastor appreciation poster or the matching thank you card

PastorAppreciationKidsPoster  FunPastorCard

SeriousPastorAppreciationPoster  SeriousPastorCard  

Support and Serve Your Pastor 

The best gifts we can give our pastors are to pray for them and encourage them. Here are more ideas that you can start using with kids of any age to start blessing your pastor today!

  • Have the kids make a pencil holder or other simple gift.
  • Bless his wife with a pedicure, watch their kids, or send her a note of encouragement
  • Pool money with other church members for a little vacation 
  • Give a gift certificate for a local restaurant or bookstore
  • Find out what they like to eat and put together a care package
  • Write out 12 notes of thanks and encouragement and mail one each month
  • Use this prayer calendar at The Road to 31 to pray for your pastor every day of the month
  • Your kids will love this Pastor Appreciation coloring page at Ministry for Children
  • Try this cute mint-themed gift basket from Zucchini Summer to celebrate pastor’s commitment to the church

How are you and your family going to bless your pastor this month? 

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  1. Thank you for the printables and great ideas!

  2. Thank you, Tauna!
    I love your site. Just came across it this morning. Beautiful ideas. Our pastor is really the best. He does not conform to the “world view” of Christianity nor sugar coat it nor try to make it “user friendly”. I know not enough truly listen when he counsels them and he serves some who are down right abusive, but he remains faithful to God’s will and Jesus’ command to go forth and tell the good news. I pray God gives him strength, encouragement, and renewal each and every day. I know he speaks what God has told him because there are sooo many things that I have asked or wondered about and miracle of miracles, his sermon explains them. It amazes me how many times I’ve read a scripture and not really understood it’s meaning or implications, but then, WHAM! It’s made clear. GOD IS AWESOME!!!

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing about my “mint” gift for pastor appreciation! I need to remember to get something together for our pastoral staff before this month is over!

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