BEE all you can Be!
BEEing Queen Bee is easy with the School House Planner!
Don’t lose your stinger this year….  The Schoolhouse Planner will allow you to..
*BEE reminded of important dates, contacts, and information
*BEE organized each week, month, and year

*BEE a goal setter
*BEE queen of the kitchen
*BEE informed
*BEE ready for preschool through high school
*BEE wrapped up at the end of the year
You will BEE the queen bee you always planned to BEE with this all in one MASTER PLANNER.  Sneak a peek here.
Over 600 pages! Also, The Schoolhouse Planner gives you plenty of options to meet your needs with forms in several formats. Just add the customizable aspect of typing information right into the form and hundreds of additional pages are possible! And your pages will be your pages! Click here to read more.
This is all you need to BEE Queen Bee.   
Now get BEEsy building your hive this year by ordering your Schoolhouse Planner here.
Now Bee a BEEsy Body and look at what all you get if you order by August 15…
I received a free Schoolhouse Planner for the purpose of writing an ad for a contest. No other compensation was given.