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I’m a busy mom on a budget- as I’m sure most of you are. Living in a rural area also means that you’re faced with a very limited selection at local stores. Driving into the city for groceries could easily take an entire day, and that’s just time I don’t have. Having groceries delivered always seemed like a dream come true, but when you live in a very rural area, it’s unheard of.

Until now. Amazon now offers two programs that will not only save you time, but they’ll save you money, too. Each program is structured very differently, but many shoppers utilize both. Both programs offer a wide and varying selection of non-perishable foods, household items, and beauty products. Because pricing on Amazon is ever changing, many find it overwhelming and time consuming to find the best prices. In an effort to help that, I operate Facebook groups dedicated to each program. We dig for the best deals and post them in the groups- we even offer free texting of deals.

Subscribe and Save is a subscription based program that allows you to create subscriptions on both bulk and individual quantities. Don’t let the subscription part scare you- you can cancel a subscription at any time with no penalty with just one click. Pricing varies constantly, but the ‘regular’ price of most items is in line with or less than your favorite warehouse club. These items can be marked down up to 95% at times! With Subscribe and Save, you add items to your subscription over the course of a month, and they only ship once per month. Amazon Prime is not required to participate in this program and shipping is always free on any order. Check out Subscribe and Save today!

Prime Pantry is a service that is exclusive to members of Amazon Prime. With Prime Pantry, you are filling a box that holds 45 lbs. Each item is assigned a percentage of the box and you’ll pay a flat rate shipping of $5.99 per box and receive it in 1-4 days from the time you place the order. There are often free shipping promotions. Many of the Prime Pantry items are different than those in the Subscribe and Save program. I tend to think of Prime Pantry as a trip to the grocery store, but instead of filling a cart, you’re filling a box.

The best part? Both programs allow you to use coupons, which can make some items just pennies… or even FREE! If you’d like to learn more, join our Prime Pantry and Subscribe and Save Facebook groups. In addition to posting the best deals, we also have step by step tutorials, FAQ, member brags, product reviews, and recaps of the best deals for the past few months.   

Alicia Myers is a busy mom of three who thrives on a budget .  When she’s not spending time teaching others how to save money or start a home business, she’s tending to her farm.  You can catch her at The Sensible Family and Extreme Christmas Savings.  You’ll also find her posting Amazon deals every day in the Facebook groups outlined in this post.