I was thrilled to be selected to review this exciting, fun and adventurous on-line reading program, Reading Kingdom.  Reading Kingdom teaches aged 4-10 children to read and write up to a 3rd grade level. This program is customized to each students level depending upon the results of their initial assessment test.
Reading Kingdom trains the student in six different skill areas: sequencing, motor skills, sounds, meaning, grammar, and comprehension.  I was extremely pleased that my ds6 gained fine motor skills while “playing” this on-line reading program.  We rarely allow video game time, so this program is a true delight for my ds. Conveniently,  I only had to monitor 1 session to assure that ds was catching on and understanding the mechanics of the program.  My ds6 is reading on a first grade level, but it took several weeks for him to excel the keyboard and mouse training section which is imperative to successfully utilize the program.  Be prepared for your child to spend many sessions or even weeks mastering the keyboard and mouse training before moving on to the different sessions.  However, this never hindered or discouraged my child. The short sessions kept my busy student interested and eager to start a new session. 
Reading Kingdom’s website is very thorough and helpful in informing the parent with the logistics of the reading program.  It is very organized and easy to manipulate.  Read here on the structure of the program.  Being able to add multiple students for one rate is a bonus, too.  I found it convenient and reassuring when I received a progress report on my ds progress via email.  You can access their progress report at any time on your account, too.  Also, I found worthy were the tutorials here
On the contrary, I don’t believe in their statement in regards to why this program works here.  I strongly believe in strong phonics and applying phonic rules.  I plan on using this program as a supplement to our current phonics programs.  I didn’t find anything that would possibly contradict his current phonics program. I believe it is an excellent source of reading education while playing on the computer. Ds asks me daily to play.  Ok….So just maybe I use it as a bit of a bribery tactic!  LOL!
Subscriptions to Reading Kingdom are $19.99/month (with no monthly minimum), or $199.99 per year. You can cancel your subscription at any time.  You can also receive a free 30 day trail period here.
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I received for  free an one year subscription to Reading Kingdom for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.