Are you one of those moms that is always on the look out for biblical sound, informative, kid-friendly bible resources?  If so, you need to add, Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids  on your book shelf of references. I voluntarily agreed to review and check out this beautiful illustrated bible dictionary for the publisher, Lifeway Christian Store.  This has been an asset to our family for the past weeks.

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids features 750 essential bible words with kid-friendly definitions, a helpful pronunciation system(even helpful for Mommy, too), alternative spellings for words from the KJV, and 500 full color photos, illustrations, reconstructions, and easy readable maps.
We thoroughly enjoyed the special features that are included in this delightful resource.  Included are these incredible, easy to read charts, such as, Names of God, 12 Apostles, 10 Plagues on Egypt, and so many more.  My boys spent hours looking through the different charts.  Even Dh was impressed with the special features.  
The recommended ages for the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids  is from 5-10 years of age.  However, I believe the entire family can benefit from this resource.  My ds3 and ds6 were intrigued with just browsing through the pages during our family devotion one evening.  When studying the life of Jonah , we easily looked up Joppa and located it on a map that was included in the book.  A better understanding of Jonah’s travels came from actually locating Joppa on the map.  Also, there is an interesting 2 paged spread titled Animals in the Bible.  I had my ds14, ds12, and ds9 research and complete a notebook page of one of the bible animals of choice.  This resource is great for promoting dictionary skills. There are countless ways you can utilize this book.
Check out a sample of this book here. Isn’t it lovely?

One of the most impressive aspects of The Holmans Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids is the illustrator uses real life pictures or real life drawings.  I do not appreciate when children bibles or references include cartoons.  Also, I found the colored letter tabs very helpful in locating my word of choice. 
The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids can be purchased at Lifeway Christian Store here.  It is a whole lotta book for 14.99.  It is a gem for teaching your children how to research bible topics in a kid-friendly way.  Lifeway Christian Store promotes many other resources here.
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I received for  free a  The Holmans Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kid for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.