GoGo Kabongo ,geared for ages 4-7, develops cognitive skills that are essential to reading such as:
  • Attention and Focus
  • Memory Skills
  • Processing
  • Planning
  • Visualization
  • Comprehension
My ds6 has been enjoying GoGo Kabongo for the last couple of months to say the least.  He begs me to play the on-line reading game daily.  We don’t have a game system so this is a treat for him. My ds had tons of fun meeting all 6 of the characters in GoGO Kabongo. Parents create an account and their child’s profile, and then they select the number of habitats their child can access.  There are 3 habitats, known as games, with 6 levels per habitat. Learn more about each habitat here.  Try a free demo here.  My ds thought it was so funny to create and design his own skateboard character.  Once the child has designed their personal character they will be able to navigate to the habitats guided by the colorful maps.  My sons favorite part of the on-line game was earning stickers to create his very own comic book.

Parents receive a progress report online regarding their students progress or parents have access to their progress online.  On the website parents can print free printable here.   I thought that was a neat little extra the vendor provided.

I’m not a big fan of online games, but I appreciated the fact that my ds had a thrilling time learning reading skills while playing games. I believe Go Go Kabongo is an excellent tool for your younger children to use during school time when you are preoccupied with older children.  My ds6 had absolutely no trouble navigating the entire game without assistance.  My ds4 just needed minor assistance from his older brother navigating the game.

Laughter Lake is free, Garden Galaxy is free for a limited time, and Twister Tops is currently 4.95 here. Try a free demo here.  Kabongo also offers for free ,SkateKids, geared towards ages 7-10.

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I received for free a Go Go Kabongo account for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.