An EASY Kid-Friendly Meal for the NOT SO FUN MOM!

An EASY Kid friendly meal for Moms who are not that FUN!

Truth is…I am not the most FUN mom around town. I am busy trying to get the everyday essentials done, and cringe at all the cool mom’s that make all these cute little fun foods on Pinterest. So, if you are one of those…this kid friendly meal will probably will bore you. I give you permission to […]

How to Make Quick and EASY Homemade Pizza Dough

how to make homemade pizza dough

Having a pizza party is a treat at our house! We always make this homemade pizza dough recipe when we are celebrating something special. It’s super quick and easy! And my children love to help with the process! You only need a few ingredients to whip up this so tasty homemade pizza dough. Make your […]

Easy Recipe: Salsbury Steak

recipe salsbury steak

This super easy recipe: Salsbury Steak will defintely be one of your family’s favorite. I love making one pot meals!  Just throw a green or fruit salad and you got yourself a hearty meal. It’s great for pot lucks or to bring to a family in need. Easy Recipe: Salsbury Steak Recipe Type: Main Dish […]