EASY Strawberry Bread Recipes

strawberry bread recipes

This so easy strawberry bread recipe is extremely moist with just a hint of strawberry. It’s absolutely perfect for breakfast or a brunch. My gang gobbled the entire loaf in one sitting.   It’s amazing to me that this simple strawberry bread consists of only 3 ingredients. And it’s so moist, it melts in your mouth. It freezes well, too. How to Make Strawberry Bread Ingredients 1 white cake mix 1 5.3 yogurt of choice (We like strawberry, lime, or lemon) {Read More}

Embarrassing EASY Quick Mint Brownies

quick mint brownies

I absolutely love these chocolate quick mint brownies. They are always popular everywhere I take them. In fact, I like to keep the simple ingredients as staples in my pantry in case I need a divine dessert in a pinch. Brownies are simply one of my favorite desserts. I adore cake brownies and enjoy making homemade brownies from scratch.  This quick mint brownie recipe rates right up there with my other favorites. The mint just makes them a tad different than {Read More}

St Patricks Day Snacks

St. Patrick's day snacks

Since I am Irish, St Patrick’s Day Snacks are a MUST in our home. It’s such a FUN holiday. This is one of my children’s favorite St. Patrick’s day snack. You can change it up to meet your family’s needs. It’s FUN to eat after being creative and writing a cute story or learning about the Trinity. You can even serve this snack while playing St. Patrick’s Day Bingo. How To Make St. Patrick’s Day Snacks Ingredients 4 c of {Read More}

EASY Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

EASY Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

These strawberry cake mix cookies are so simple, but taste wonderful! You can make them festive for Valentine’s Day or just sprinkle powdered sugar for anytime of the year. So put your FUN apron on and start getting busy. You will make your family and friends smile with these yummy cookies. How to Make Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies Ingredients 1 box of strawberry cake mix 2 large eggs 1/3 c of oil 1 t of baking powder 1/2 t of vanilla {Read More}

So EASY Strawberry Bars recipe

strawberry bars recipe

This easy strawberry bars recipe only requires 5 ingredients and I can almost guarantee you probably have all of them in your kitchen except maybe one. So put a strawberry cake mix on your grocery list, run to the store, and put your cute apron on. These are perfect for any time of year, and especially festive for Valentine’s Day. EASY Strawberry Bars Recipe Ingredients 1 Strawberry Cake Mix 2 eggs 1/3 c of oil 2 T of milk 1 c of powdered {Read More}

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