Hearty White Bean and Kale Soup Recipe

This healthy White Bean and Kale Soup Recipe is one of the best hearty meals on a crisp cool day. It’s comfort food at it’s best. I like to double the recipe, so I can freeze a second batch for a later date. I just throw it in my slow cooker to reheat on low for about 6 hours.  Easy peasy! Hearty White Bean and Kale Soup Recipe  Ingredients 2 c of cooked chicken, diced 1 T of olive oil 6 {Read More}

Easy Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker

It’s that time of year again for a hearty beef stew. Brewing in your slow cooker on a brisk cool day, this easy beef stew is one of my favorite throw it all together meals.  It’s so comforting and makes fabulous leftovers. You can either freeze the leftovers , and reheat it up in the slow cooker or microwave. I suggest you double the recipe for another meal. How to Make Easy Beef Stew Ingredients 1 lb of beef stew meat, cubed {Read More}

Slow Cooker Easy Shrimp Alfredo

If you know me in any sense, you’re aware that I am in love with my slow cooker. I made this easy shrimp alfredo pasta this week in my slow cooker, and the kids absolutely loved it. If you want to go low carb, just go light on your pasta. I kinda just threw it together, but it was really tasty, so I wanted to share with you busy mamas.  My kids love shrimp, so I’m always trying to come up {Read More}

Slow Cooker Hot Chicken Sandwiches!

There is nothing better than knowing you will have a hearty hot meal ready when you come home from a busy day. One of our favorite slow cooker meals is HOT Chicken Caesar sandwiches. You will be amazed at the simplicity of this recipe, but relish the flavorful taste of these hot caesar chicken sandwiches. I usually throw it in the slow cooker at noon on high for 4 hours. However, if I am going to be gone all day, I {Read More}

Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken

This so easy slow cooker apricot chicken is extremely flavorful and will make a family favorite. In all honesty, it taste very similar to BBQ chicken, but just a tad sweeter. I love using my slow cooker as much as possible. I usually pop in our dinner right before noon and it’s ready to go when I finish up my afternoon workload and our homeschool day. It makes my life so much easier, not to mention, cooler in the summer {Read More}