EASY Brunswick Stew Recipe

easy brunswick stew recipe

This easy brunswick stew recipe is kinda a throw it all in the slow cooker recipe. There really shouldn’t be a recipe because you can add any ingredients you like and you will have yourself a hearty meal. I imagine this would be a fabulous camping recipe, too. How to Make easy Brunswick Stew Recipe Ingredients 8 potatoes, quartered […]

How to make Taco Meat!

how to make taco meat

Are you wondering how to make taco meat in the slow cooker? Well it couldn’t be easier! The meal isn’t quite complete unless you make this easy cilantro lime rice and Mexican black bean recipe. When I make this green chili taco meat, I usually fry corn tortillas on the stove. How to make taco […]

TOP 101 Fall Crock Pot Recipes!


I love crock pot recipes, especially in the colder months. Being a homeschool mama, collecting and trying new crock pot recipes has become an obsession with me.  My crock pot has become my best friend.  I use it almost daily.  It has made my life so much easier.  I just throw in the ingredients and supper will be ready […]

FREE Blessed with Slow Cooker Recipes eBook!

FREE Blessed with Slow Cooker Recipes eBook

Head on over the The Sassy Slow Cooker to grab this FREE Blessed with Slow Cooker Recipes eBook! It’s FREE for Facebook Fans for a limited time!  There are over 20 easy slow cooker recipes!

Easy Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Bowl!

Crock Pot chicken enchilada bowl

Biting into a hot chicken enchilada is heaven around our neck of the woods. So, I decided to come up with something in my beloved crock pot that resembled the Mexican dish. And here’s the concoction that was a HUGE hit with my large family of eight! You can freeze your leftovers or cut the […]