Make Cheesy Biscuits in a Pinch!

make cheesy biscuits

Make cheesy biscuits with any meal and you can guarantee they will be a hit. However, I can never eat just one. Last week, I shared with you our favorite seasoned saltines cracker recipe, so this week I thought you might enjoy our so easy cheesy biscuits that ranks right up there with those addicting crackers. […]

How to Make Smore Mix – so good!

how to make smore

I have had several requests on how to make smore mix. I am warning you in advance. It’s addicting and rich! I like it cold, so I leave it in the refrigerator.  How to Make Smore Mix  Ingredients: 2C Teddy Grahams Honey 2C Kashi Go-Lean (regular one) 1C Macadamia Nuts 2C Milk Chocolate Chips 3C […]

No Bake Seasoned Saltines Crackers!

seasoned saltine crackers

This is another one of my favorite recipes to make for our family and friends. It’s the second recipe that made me famous. lol! These easy seasoned saltines crackers are very inexpensive to make and definitely the easiest! They are perfect for potlucks, picnics, and for your family. Be sneaky because I have to hide them when I […]

Easy Cold Broccoli Salad Recipe!

cold broccoli salad recipe

I love having cold salads with a meal. I try to branch out and try to serve a variety of salads during the week. This is one of our favorites, especially during the hotter months.   This is especially tasty with grilled chicken. I love to bring this to potlucks or picnics. It’s perfect for any […]

Easy and Refreshing Cilantro Lime Rice

cilantro lime rice

At least once a week I have a craving for south of the border or Tex-Mex flavor. Here is the perfect side to curb the craving without instantly sending you into siesta oblivion!  Yes, I do love Mexican food and there is plenty to try here in Texas.  Some of it is Tex-Mex with multicultural […]