The BEST Hot Apple Cider with my SECRET Ingredient

I’ve been making this easy hot apple cider recipe for years now. It literally is my favorite hot apple cider recipe I’ve tasted.  You will laugh when I share how easy this hot apple cider recipe is and I disclose my oh so secret ingredient that makes this hot apple cider truly divine.  I make it several times during the cooler months, and always serve it around the holidays.  How to Make the BEST Hot Apple Cider Ingredients 1 gallon {Read More}

EASY Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

  I have trained my children to adore oatmeal. I always make it with a bit of a twist to it, so they think it taste like cookie dough instead of porridge. My kids can’t get enough of this easy peanut butter banana overnight oatmeal recipe. I make it often when they are sick. I would be lying if I said I only made it when they weren’t feeling well. We eat it often. I prepare it the night before {Read More}

Easy Crock Pot Recipe – Meatball Crock Pot Stew!

  This is one of our crock pot recipes that we eat on Sundays after worship. My kids absolutely adore it! I usually serve it with a green salad and garlic rolls. Meatball Stew Recipe Ingredients 1 bag of frozen Meatballs (I use Walmart brand) 1 bag of frozen mixed veggies 1/2 frozen bag of corn 4 medium potatoes diced 2 packets of Beef Stew packets (I use Walmart brand) Instructions Throw all in your slow cooker! Cut Meatballs in 1/2 {Read More}

Candy Corn Pretzels Melts

Oh my goodness! These candy corn pretzel melts are the best of both worlds. Sweet and salty, but so simple to make. I suggest you make them when your kids are not home and hide them. Not that this kind-hearted mama would ever do such a thing. I just think these fall treats are adorable. They are so festive, and you can make them ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator.  How to Make Candy Corn Pretzel Melts Ingredients {Read More}

To Die For Baked Pumpkin Casserole

We had this baked pumpkin casserole the other night and all I can say….it was AWESOME! My children literally thought it was a dessert and were thrilled when I told them they could eat it before their chicken and broccoli were gone. Yes, I scored points that night! Yes, I am one of those mean mom’s that makes my kids eat their meat and veggies before the carbs.     Best Recipe for Baked Pumpkin Casserole  Ingredients 2 c of canned pumpkin 2 eggs, {Read More}