Gingerbread Cookies Recipe|Easy Peasy

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe|Easy Peasy

This Gingerbread Cookies Recipe: easy peasy idea will make you look quite impressive. These cookies come out beautifully.  I will only share the recipe, if you promise not to laugh. Deal?   Ingredients 1 bag of Gingerbread cookie mix 1 bag of Sugar Cookie mix Recommended ingredients on the back of the cookie mixes 1/4 c of White Sugar Directions Mix each bag of cookies according to the directions in separate mixing bowls. Take a Tablespoon of each cookie dough, {Read More}

The BEST Rich Chocolate Brownies Recipe

rich chocolate brownies recipe

These are the best Rich Chocolate Brownies Recipe on this side of heaven!  They are so very rich for the chocolate lover. My family loves these brownies and they are always a crowd pleaser. They are much richer than our cake brownies.   Ingredients Brownies 3 T cocoa 2/3 c  oil 2 c  sugar 4 eggs 1  1/2 c sifted flour 1 t baking powder 1 t salt 2 T  butter, melted  1 c pecans, chopped Icing 1 1/2 c of powdered sugar {Read More}

The Easiest and BEST Cheese Ball Recipes

cheese ball recipes

There is something snazzy about finding delicious cheese ball recipes that you know will always be a hit at a party. You know the ones that you have memorized in the back of your mind because at least one or two people will always ask you for the recipe before the night is over. This is my favorite cheese ball recipe on the planet and it’s so very simple. You can even dress it up with a flower or something festive {Read More}

Easy Cranberry Relish Recipe

easy cranberry relish recipe

My mom has made this easy cranberry relish recipe every Thanksgiving and Christmas since before my time. It’s been in the family for decades. This taste absolutely nothing like the canned cranberry relish. It has a wonderful flavor and rind of the orange makes this recipe a hit every time! How to Make Easy Cranberry Relish Recipe Ingredients 1 pkg of cranberries 1 pkg of lemon jello 1 c of sugar 1 orange, with rind quartered 1 small can of {Read More}

How to Make Playdough: Gingerbread Recipe

playdough gingerbread

  We love playdough at our house. I kinda have an addiction on making different scented playdough for my children.  A couple of weeks ago, we made candy cane edible playdough and my daughter had fun working on number recognition with the free candy cane playdough mats. This week we decided we needed to have some sensory play with gingerbread playdough.  How to Make Playdough: Gingerbread Recipe 2 c of flour 1 c of salt 1 T of ground ginger {Read More}