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As a homeschool mom, reading comprehension is always a priority in our homeschool.

Once my children are independent readers, I often feel out of the loop.  Most of the time, I get a very vague response about the material they read and I admit it drives me batty.  I was thrilled to receive READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System (READS) and was anxious to get started with this simple and effective reading comprehension system geared for grades 1-4 which can easily be adaptable for all ages.

I am a busy homeschool mother of 6 blessings and time is of essence in our home.  I simply do not have time to read every piece of literature my children read.  Don’t get me wrong, I do monitor what reading material my children engage in, but I don’t thoroughly read every single book.

Finding READS has been a true blessing in our busy home.  I love how you can utilize this program with any reading material. And there are 30 interesting questions, so they will never get bored answering the same question with each book they read.

READS enhances your skills to effectively help your child with reading:

• Works with any reading material
• Provides a method to verify that your child comprehended the material read – super easy to implement
• Helps to develop your child’s critical thinking skills – a simple yes or no answer is not sufficient
• Saves you time – huge plus for me

READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System Includes:

  • READS Parent’s Manual – Describes how to use READS with your child.  Explains each component of READS, how to develop a dialog with your child about their reading and the meaning of each question card.  To see the table of contents for the READS Parent’s Manual click on the image to the left.
  • Question Cards and ring – 30 question cards designed to ensure your child’s focus on the reading material, help you determine if your child comprehended the material read and to develop your child’s critical thinking skills.  Each card also contains a visual clue that matches the question on the card.
  • Rewards Chart & Stickers – Kids love to track their progress and have tangible goals that are meaningful to them.  The Rewards Chart and stickers help them do just that.  The Parent’s Manual includes suggestions for rewards appropriate for elementary school children.
  • Magic Finger and Reading Guide Strip – The Magic Finger helps your young reader track the text from word to word and prevents her from losing her place as she reads. The Reading Guide Strip highlights the line being read and blocks out the lines of text above and below to focus your child’s attention on one sentence at a time.
  • Speedy Speller – Speedy Speller, a Handbook for Readers and Writers puts young writers in charge and provides them with their own spelling handbook that keeps growing.  The Speedy Speller contains 1,400 words along with commonly used abbreviations, numbers, symbols, punctuation and more.

How it Works for Us

We have used READS many ways in our home in the last month and ways to utilize this program are endless.  My second grader has been enjoying using the magic finger during his independent reading time.  This helps him stay focused.  I have him pick a card before he starts reading his book that he selected.  I then make sure he is very clear on what the question is asking him to look for during the story.


After he finishes reading his book, he comes and answers his specific question that he selected.  Many times he comes and tells me as I am preparing our lunch.  He also has a book report form that he fills out, too.  He uses the speedy speller to look up any words he does not know how to spell.  The Speedy Speller is very helpful for him.  You will need to purchase one for each child, but they are very reasonably priced.  I only allow him to put one sticker on the goal sheet per day because he would fill up the entire sheet in a few days.


My son also loves to read to his younger siblings.  They take turns picking out a card to determine what they are going to discuss after the story.  They do this during their leisure time.  I love hearing their intellectual discussions.  It’s a fun activity for them.

Also, we have picked a card during our read a loud time.  This has helped with the little ones staying focused and quiet.  Everyone is always anxious to answer the question at the end of our time together. You can also use these cards with older children, however I recommend just asking them one of the questions because the cards were developed for younger children.  I have done this several times with my 12 year old.

I honestly believe every family needs the READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System in their home whether you homeschool or not.  It’s perfect for summer reading  and will encourage reading comprehension practice in a non-threatening way.  It just might be the perfect gift for that family that has everything!

Buy It

You can purchase the READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System for only 19.95.  You can also purchase additional resources that compliment the READS system for multiple children.  They are very reasonable priced.

Win It

READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System wants one of Blessed Beyond a Doubt’s readers to have their own system.  I will be picking a random winner on May 22nd at 12a.  Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours.


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This is the perfect simple solution to enhancing your child’s reading comprehension.