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Preparing and purchasing for college doesn’t have to break the bank if you simply use a little wisdom. To be honest, I was dreading the college years for my son due to the fact that I didn’t want him to leave me. I mean I’m his beloved mom and all. 

Sniff, Sniff!

Since my divorce, I want to live frugally, but comfortably. I want my kids to have what they need, but I want to be smart about my purchases.  

You can prepare for college on a budget. You just need to know where to shop.

My son decided that he was going to stay home and go to the local community college his first year, so we had to do some adjusting to our inside space.

Right now, space is limited due to the fact we are staying with my parents for a couple of months. My oldest son shares a room with my younger son. My son does a lot of his schooling in his room, so I felt that it was important that his necessities be organized to meet his study needs. 

I had to go back and reminisce to my college dormitory years. Yikes! I remember studying on my bed in my small dorm room cramming for a test. They didn’t have so many cool gadgets and necessities that AtHome currently has.

But I survived and ended up with a bachelor’s degree.

My son prefers navy, black, or gray so I was able to pick him up at few goodies at AtHome. I’m not sure why he wasn’t as excited as I was about planning his room for his first year of college.

But, anyhow….

I bought him a big navy pillow to support his back during his study time and a denim basket like item to put his school books and school supplies in. I also found these sturdy hangers in navy for his clothes. He sometimes brings his clothes to the gym and showers and changes into his work or school clothes. 


At Home has many fun and decorative items for college bound students at a very reasonable price. I was actually very surprise at the number of choices they had. I even found an online Back to School Checklist that I found helpful. They stress that small spaces can have huge style. 

I totally agree.

And look at the so cute clock I bought him. Ok, maybe it’s not a necessities , but he just had to have it whether or not he thinks he needs it or not. His mama loved it.

I encourage you to shop around for quality college necessities such as AtHome. Have fun!