FREE Read and Color Printables – Summer Edition

I love the lazy summer days. We enjoy rising when we please and going to the pool in the afternoon. However, since I am a work at home mom,  I try to give my children a few activities during the morning hours when I’m on my laptop. It’s always perfecto when they are learning while doing something they enjoy. My daughter and son adore reading and coloring, so I created these printables just for them. There are a total of 4 {Read More}

Kid-Friendly Spaghetti Tacos

Making spaghetti tacos for my gang is one way I manage to maintain the semi-cool mom status. My kids love them. I have to admit, they are much tastier than what I imagined. Ok, I kinda like them. Shhh!     I really want to be one of those cool moms, but I fail most times. Being a single, homeschool, work at home mom seems to keep me a little busy, but these spaghetti tacos are just something super easy {Read More}

DIY Sweet Tea Popsicles

If you are a tea lover than you will fall in love with these simple sweet tea popsicles. They are so refreshing on a hot summer day. I always use decaffeinated tea bags, so my kids aren’t up all night, but feel free to use your favorite type of tea.  I absolutely adore my electric tea kettle. We use it almost everyday, especially in the Winter months.  How To Make Sweet Tea Popsicles Ingredients 2 cups of water 1 or {Read More}

FREE 4th of July Scissor Preschool Practice!

This year the Princess is super excited about doing homeschool with her older brothers.   The princess is learning her sounds and numbers this year. However, she absolutely loves to cut. So I decided to make some FUN  printables for her to practice cutting during our quiet time. Scissors are on our MUST have homeshcool products list. I buy several pairs of them. She cuts out the pieces and pastes them onto construction paper kinda like a puzzle. These cute FREE 4th of July Scissor {Read More}

Fireworks Safety for Families!

It’ s that time of year again! Independence Day is approaching and red, white, and blue is showing its pride in our country.  I have to admit, growing up my parents did not allow my sister or I to ever partake in fireworks with our family and friends. It was legal in our town, but still they were totally against it. I just remember sitting watching all of our friends do them and we were denied the fun activity. Yes, I’m {Read More}