FREE Count the Fish Counting Cards!

I fell in love with this fun fish clipart, so I decided to create some cute counting cards for PreK and K. They are perfect for math stations for either the classroom or a homeschool setting.    You can either cut them out and laminate the counting cards or simply use them as worksheets.  Take a peek! Be sure to check out our other counting cards. BBQ Counting Cards, Cowboy Counting Cards, and Monster Counting Cards.  I created these printables for my email subscribers. {Read More}

Teaching Odd and Even Numbers – Summer Edition

My second grader still just needs a little more practice mastering odd and even numbers with a hands on approach. So I decided to make learning FUN with these summer theme printable mats and numbers.   The directions are quite simple. Have your child just place the numbers under the odd or even mats. I cut out each number and laminated the mats and numbers so my youngest can use them later on in the years. I just store them in a zip locked bag. {Read More}

FREE Sketch N Stories Creative Writing Prompts- Summer Edition!

Do you  need some FUN creative writing prompts for your kiddos that won’t shed tears during the summer? I’ve got you covered. These Sketch N Stories printables are geared towards K-6th grade.  I have included (3) different notebook pages depending on your child’s writing skills with different sized lined spaces. My children had so much fun with these that I am going to make all different sets.  And of course, I will share them with your kiddos, too. I wrote {Read More}

How to Save on Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessisity item for all families. It’s not only recommended that each persons apply sunscreen during the summer months, but research dermatologists suggest that you should apply it anytime you go outside including the colder seasons. Sunscreen is a huge expensive if you honestly apply and use as it is recommended for all families. So this year, I decided that I was not going to spend an arm and a leg on sunscreen to protect my family from skin cancer. {Read More}

FREE Counting Cards – BBQ Edition!

My daughter has worked really hard at mastering her number recognition this year. I want her to review during the summer months, but with a hands on approach using these counting cards.  Festive, huh? Of course, I want to share these cute counting cards with your kiddos, too. You can either cut them out and laminate the counting cards or simply use them as worksheets.  If you use them as counting cards, you can have your child use a clothes pin or a piece of {Read More}