Free Christmas Word Jumbles Printables


Christmas Word Jumbles (aka rmsahict dorw lmubsje) are now available for your downloading pleasure!  I always loved word jumbles as a child.  Any kind of word game makes me happy.  Scrabble, Word Worm, crossword puzzles, word searches, shrimp gumbo, shrimp kabob….

FREE Christmas Spirit Coloring and Activity Pages!


Be sure to print these FUN Preschool and Early Elementary Activity Pages concentrating on the Christmas Spirit. I am sure your kiddos will love these Christmas Color By Number, too! Have you read my FREE eBook, Teaching Multi-level in the Homeschool yet?  

FREE DIY Nativity Puppets

DIY Nativity Puppets

I thought it would be FUN for my little ones to tell the Christmas story to one another, as well as others, so I decided to come up with  simple DIY Nativity Puppets. And they have had a ball with them. Supplies Needed: Print DIY Nativity on white cardstock Laminate (optional) craft sticks Elmer glue How it Worked for us: The children counted (10) craft sticks out of the stack My 6 and 9-year-old cut out there figures themselves, but {Read More}

FREE Winter Coloring Pages for All Ages!

Winter Coloring Pages

My kids love coloring pages. My Middles love writing on their coloring pages even more! So, I created several versions of coloring pages for you, the wonderful Blessed Beyond a Doubt readers!!! You can download each of them by clicking on the links below. Each set includes 17 coloring pages!! There are 3 different styles to choose from: Winter Coloring Pages >>>>DOWNLOAD WINTER COLORING PAGES<<<< Primary Winter Coloring Pages >>>>DOWNLOAD PRIMARY WINTER COLORING PAGES<<<< Cursive Winter Coloring Pages >>>>DOWNLOAD CURSIVE {Read More}

FREE Nativity Addition Worksheets Packet!

FUN Nativity Addition Worksheets

  Here are 14 pages of FREE Nativity Addition Worksheets Packet! Included in the Nativity Addition Worksheets Packet: single digit – 1-10 double digits double digits with carrying triple digits with carrying quadruplet digits with carrying Check out FREE Math Generator Worksheets Sites! Be sure to pin these FUN Nativity Addition Worksheets! Widgets