FREE Polar Express Preschool Pack

Our family loves the move Polar Express. It’s a movie we watch as a family yearly during Christmas time. And the little ones watch it numerous times over the course of the year. We also love reading different versions of Polar Express. You can check them out at your local library.   This FUN Polar Express  Preschool Packs Includes: Letter and number recognition Sequencing Smaller and larger I can write my name Puzzles Widgets I created this Polar Express preschool printable {Read More}

FREE Gingerbread Unit Study for PreK – 3rd!

Have you ever wondered the history behind Gingerbread? This creative and hands-on Gingerbread unit study is geared for the grades PreK – 3rd grade, but can easily be adapted to meet other grade levels. It covers a wide range of subjects that will keep you children fascinated and entertained.  What Subjects are Covered in the Gingerbread Unit Study History Geography Handwriting  Creative Writing Math Science Copywork Art Cooking Take a peek at the Gingerbread Unit Study Be sure to read the Gingerbread Man and make {Read More}

FREE Alphabetical Advent Calendar!

One of the ways in which my family keeps Christ in Christmas is to have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas day. Little children can easily relate to a birthday party. In my house, my children often count the days before their birthday party. Likewise, we have an advent calendar to help count the days before Jesus’s birthday. If you have been to my blog, though, you know that I teach reading. Instead of counting down the days to {Read More}

FREE Hands-On Nativity Story

Although I was raised in a Christian home, I did not grow up celebrating the birth of Christ during the Christmas season. Our church denomination believed in being silent where the Bible is silent. Since we don’t know the exact day that Jesus was born, we just didn’t go there. Christmas was all about Santa and presents. (I know, I Know! I could write a book on the bizarreness of it all.)  My perspective shifted in my teenage years. Christmas is a {Read More}

FREE Nativity Play Dough Mats!

I could not think of a more FUN and CREATIVE way to narrate the Christmas Story than to build the character themselves with play dough. Read Luke 2, put on some Christmas Music, and just let the kids have fun. It’s a great activity to do while you are filling out your Christmas planner or Christmas cards. My four-year old had so much fun with these and even got her older brothers to join in on the fun. There are {Read More}