20+ Free Educational Printables for Preschoolers

  It is an exciting time when preschoolers began their schooling journey.  They are usually so eager to learn and are filled with natural curiosity. They are like little sponges who are ready to soak up the world around them. When my older kids were younger we would incorporate many different learning experiences into our day. Some of the resources we used were the preschool workbooks that were filled with all kinds of activities that focused on different skills that {Read More}

FREE Learn the Sentence Printables- St. Patrick’s Day Edition!

I have a second grader who is learning to write complete sentences. He’s not too keen on writing. He does love Draw Write Now, so I wanted to come up with something similar. The printable is self-explanatory. Just Read, Draw, Trace, and Write the sentence. Here’s a sample of the 12 pages of the Learn a Sentence Printable Pack!      I just have my son complete one per day.  These cute FREE Learn the Sentence Printables are available to my email {Read More}

Kindergarten Color the Sight Words – Valentine’s Day Edition

My princess is having a little difficulty with her kindergarten sight words. She gets a bit frustrated, so I decided to make learning them fun for her. The girl loves to color. I give her one sight word printable page per day when she comes home from school. She reads the words out loud, and draws and colors a heart around the sight words. It’s simple, but effective for her. Take a Peek? There are a total of 4 pages. Your {Read More}

FREE Valentine’s Scissor Preschool Practice!

This year the Princess is super excited about doing school with her older brothers.     The princess is learning her sounds and numbers this year. However, she absolutely loves to cut. So I decided to make some FUN  printables for her to practice cutting during our quiet time. Scissors are a must along with MUST have homeshcool products. She cuts out the pieces and pastes them onto construction paper kinda like a puzzle. These cute FREE Valentine’s Scissor Preschool Pages are available {Read More}

FREE Counting Mats – Winter Animals Themed

Counting Mats have been used for many years around our home. It’s an engaging activity that the younger ones can do while you are homeschooling the older children. Just print our the counting mats and laminate them. I like to laminate the counting mats because they become more durable and the students can write on the mat with a dry erased marker.  I hand my daughter some counters, such as, marshmallows or M & M’s to count with and she {Read More}