FREE Planet Notebook Pages

Have your child leran about the solar system with these free planet notebook pages!

  What child isn’t fascinated with the Planets? I just remember just digging it when we studied the solar system in school. My children have followed in my curiosity.    I made these solar system notebook pages for my children. We are going to study one planet per week. They will put their planet notebook pages in their nature notebooks.  We will also learn about the sun and moon.   <A HREF=”;ServiceVersion=20070822&#038;MarketPlace=US&#038;ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fblessebeyonda-20%2F8010%2F4fcd4b0b-a205-4a74-8c89-ec789c58efab&#038;Operation=NoScript”> Widgets</A>   Take a Peek!   I created these {Read More}

FREE Shark Notebook Pages

Learn about 10 different common sharks with these free shark notebook pages. Happy Shark Week!

Shark Week is approaching! I thought it would be educational for my children to learn about several of the different types of common sharks since the world has dedicated a whole week to these interesting predators. So they must be pretty important, right? In fact, our society needs sharks.  There are several reasons we need sharks and they need us. Yes, I keep telling myself we need sharks after all the shark attacks in the last month. Yikes! I’ll let you explain that one {Read More}

FREE American History Notebook Pages!

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Notebooking American History (Basic Edition) contains over 50 notebooking and journaling pages that you can use with any American history curriculum for students in grades 3 through 12.  You can also use this notebook as a stand-alone study. This basic edition of Notebooking American History begins with colonization and goes through the Revolutionary War. Notebooking enhances students writing and research skills and can be used to reinforce grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization skills. Be sure to check out our president {Read More}

May the 4th Be With You {Star Wars} Coloring Pages

FREE Star Wars Coloring Pages!

May the 4th is known to many as Star Wars Day! To help celebrate, I created this fun 15 page coloring page pack featuring some of the favorite characters from the classic movies. This pack includes 15 pages of black and white coloring pages for children.  Many of them include handwriting practice as well! Enjoy coloring in the characters and May the 4th be with you! Graphics courtesy of Spring Hill Graphics. Click here to download Be sure to grab {Read More}

FREE Inventors Notebooking Pages {54 pages}

Celebrate National Inventors Month in May with these FREE Inventors Notebooking Pages {54 total pages} ::

When my brother was in the 3rd or 4th grade, they were given the task of “inventing” some new. He always had great ideas and built new things with his Lego’s, but he was perplexed at what to create for this particular project. My mother encouraged him to think of something he didn’t like doing and figure out how to make it easier or better. So after much trial and error, he came up with a spinning toilet bowl brush. {Read More}