FREE Multiplication Valentines Worksheets

My son is in second grade and he is working on these valentines worksheets that I created for him. We are slowly working on multiplication with manipulatives.  These Valentines Worksheets go up to the multiples of 6. There are 11 different worksheets to choose from.  My son loved playing our addition math game and dominoe math printable, so I knew he would think these Valentines Worksheets were pretty fun.  Last year he mastered these cute Valentine adition worksheets.  These cute free  multiplication Valentines Worksheets are {Read More}

FREE Multiplication Grid Practice Worksheets – Christmas edition

    My third grader is working on his multiplication facts this year.  He loves singing a skip counting song that helps tremendously in memorizing the multiplication facts. He concentrates on one table at a time. FREE Multiplication Grid Practice Worksheets I created these multiplication worksheets for my own children, but would love to share them with you. The worksheets go to up to the 12’s table.  Take a peek!   These worksheets are available for my email subscribers. Fill out the form below and {Read More}

FREE Addition on a Number Line Worksheets – Fall edition

My children have always started learning their math facts with manipulatives and eventually progressed to counting on a number line.  Math manipulatives help children grasp the concept with a hands-on approach. I believe all children need lots of math practice with games and entertaining math resources before they attempt math worksheets. I created these addition number line worksheets for grades K-1. It’s good practice for the kids to actually see how the number line works even if they have mastered the addition concept. There {Read More}

FREE Skip Counting Worksheets – Fall edition

Skip counting is a necessity in mastering multiplication facts. You can start skip counting as early as first or second grade. I recommend starting with 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s and move on to the other numbers as time permits. I wouldn’t move on until they mastered each table.  Singing a skip counting song helps tremendously in memorizing the multiplication facts. Just concentrate on one table at a time. FREE Skip Counting Worksheets I created this skip counting worksheets for my {Read More}

FREE Pumpkin Math Addition Pack

Pumpkin math addition is a fun way to master the addition facts. My daughter likes to play with this activity while her brother’s are doing their homework. The addition facts go up to the multiples of 10.  You can cute out the pumpkin numbers cards and addition problems and laminate them for more durable. I store all the pieces in a snack sized baggie. Be sure to check out the HUGE Pumpkin Recipes, activities, printables, and crafts round up list.  {Read More}