The Winter Olympics Lapbook – 2014!

  Hurry, this Winter Olympic 2014 Lapbook with study guide is only 1.00! It was originally prices at 24.99. Wow! Description: Folder 1 covers the history of the Olympics-Ancient Olympics, Greece, stadium, wreaths, more. Folder 2 covers the 2014 Olympics- dates, symbols, logo. mascots, winter games, Russia, a Winter Olympics word search, and more. Folder 3 includes a booklet for every event in the Olympics. Within each book, your child will write which country wins the Gold Medal! How fun and interactive! This {Read More}

FREE Lapbook and Study Guide – Horses

This is super FUN for a limited time! FREE Horses Lapbook with Study Guide. It’s an 8.00 value! Topics include: All About Horses, Safety on Horses, The Colorings of Horses, Weaning a Foal, Caring for a Horse, Measuring a Horse: “Hands,” The Stall, Accessories For A Horse, Branding, Cowhands, Roundups, Horse Fun Fact,- Requires 2 folders. 41 pages. Widgets

FREE Christopher Columbus Facts and Resources!

Here is a list of Christopher Columbus Facts and Printables for your homeschool!

FREE Robin Hood Lapbook and Unit Study – Elementary

Head on over to Homeschool Share to enjoy Robin Hood Unit Study and Lapbook Printables! My boys will love this! This is geared for upper elementary ages! Have you read my eBook, Instilling Biblical Character:  100 Tips and Resources to Train Our Children?

FREE Addition and Subtraction Facts Game Lapbook!

We love playing games to learn Addition and Subtraction facts! Hurry and grab this FREE Addition and Subtraction Facts Game Lapbook! Description: Trying to memorize the addition and subtraction facts? Why not add some fun activities that will make the process less taxing? Try this great lapbook, where your students will create games that improve the retention of these facts? Play the games over and over in many different ways, and soon you will see that your students have memorized {Read More}