FREE Valentine’s Day Center Activity

When I homeschooled my children, I was a big advocate of copywork. Since becoming a public school teacher, I’ve taking some of my favorite teaching methods and turned them into centers or station activities. Here’s a Valentine’s Day Center Activity that my kids adore. It keeps them busy. Here’s how Find the Word Around the Room Center activity Works Print multiple copies of the Valentine’s Around the Room page for all students. Print (1) copy of the word cards, cut {Read More}

FREE Martin Luther Inspiration Copywork Printable Set

 Have your children understand the definition of reformation with these inspirational copywork set. It covers numerous of inspirational from the man who has tremendously impacted my life. I grew up not reading the Bible but going to church every week. I am so very thankful for His Holy Word. Check out the list of Reformation Day activities and what we do on Halloween!     I created this Martin Luther Copywork for my email subscribers. Fill out in the form below and you {Read More}

Presidential Copywork with Gilbert Stuart Paintings-Plus Timeline Roundup 1755

Did you know August is American Artist Appreciation Month? I never found art interesting until I took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was there that I started to notice that the paintings were more than paintings. They were windows into other worlds. I began to be drawn in to the story the paintings were just one part of. Later, as I learned more, I began to also be drawn in to the stories {Read More}

FREE Mother’s Day Copywork!

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, even before I was a mom. I always knew we would have a family meal with my grandparents and sometimes cousins would be in town. The weather was finally warm enough to enjoy, but not scorching hot like the middle of the summer. It just seemed like the perfect holiday to me. Since becoming a mother I have enjoyed the quotes and sayings that I hear throughout the year that resemble mothers {Read More}

FREE Oliver Twist copywork!

  Description: Oliver Twist is a Charles Dickens classic. This copy work unit includes excerpts from Oliver Twist and room for writing. Upper elementary age students will gain exposure to this popular book and get a glimpse of one of the most beloved characters in literature, while practicing penmanship. This unit is also suitable for mid-elementary students who are advanced and middle school students who still engage in copy work. Copywork is popular among the homeschool community. Click over to Currclick to download {Read More}