FREE Birth of Christ Copywork – Luke 2

  I want my children to memorize Luke 2 and marvel in the greatest gift of all this Advent season.  I decided to create a copywork book of the scriptures pertaining to the birth of Christ in Luke 2 for my children to engage in each day during the month of December. Each day the children will copy and memorize their verse.  Drawing a picture will help them meditate on each verse throughout the day.  We will make a notebook on the {Read More}

FREE Count the Syllables – Christmas Edition

Counting the syllables is a skill that must be learned in order to excel in spelling. Each syllable contains a vowel. Usually children master this skill before moving on to more advanced phonics or spelling lessons. This (4) Count the Syllables printables will help your child master this skill. Even if your child can’t read, you can start teaching them gently. They will catch on in no time. Take a Peek! I created these printables for my email subscribers. Fill {Read More}

Free Printable Handwriting Worksheets – FUN Themes

Here’s a FUN list of Free Printable Handwriting Worksheets that will help your child to master their handwriting skills in no time. My children detest practicing their handwriting, so I try to make it as painless as possible with popular themed handwriting printables that put a little bit of excitement into this not so fun assignments for my kiddos. Peanuts Handwriting Printable Pack – print and cursive Minions Handwriting Printable Pack – print and cursive Inside Out Handwriting Printable Pack – print and {Read More}

FREE Peanuts Handwriting Printable Set – Print and Cursive Edition

My children are still practicing their manuscript and cursive letter formation, so I decided to make them these FUN Peanuts Handwriting Printable Sets. We are all so anxious to see the movie next weekend. There are 104 pages worth of handwriting practice for your student. Two pages for each letter in print and cursive. Your child will have mastered all 26 letter formation in print and cursive when he has completed this Peanuts handwriting printable pack. Take a peek        Be sure to check out the {Read More}

Put Words in Alphabetical Order – Veteran’s Day Edition

  Do your children know how to put words in alphabetical order?   It seems to be a skill that isn’t as important anymore since most people don’t use a hard copy of a dictionary. I wanted my children to master this skill, so I created these FUN Alphabetical Order printables. There are (2) pages that your children can cut and paste. The second page is more advanced with several of the words containing the same letter. Download Here! *I {Read More}