FREE ABC Scavenger Hunt List!

My children get excited anytime I hand over a scavenger hunt list. And I get excited because it keeps them busy for a while. I decided to come up with an ABC scavenger hunt list for my little ones.  My 6 year old can practice writing his letters when he finds  an object that starts with that particular sound.  For more advanced children, they can actually write the object in the blank that they find. There are no REAL rules, just {Read More}

FREE Sentence Practice for K-2nd Grade

My daughter is learning how to write a complete sentence. She absolutely loves to color so I decided to make learning how to write a sentence fun for her. I usually only give her one worksheet per day. I let her color the picture before she writes the complete sentence. After she writes the sentence, we go over any errors together. She enjoys adding a page to her fall notebook she is completing while her brothers are doing their homework. {Read More}

FREE Learn the Sentence Printables- Back to School Edition!

I have a first grader who is learning to write complete sentences. She’s so curious about writing, unlike my sons. She enjoy Draw Write Now, so I wanted to come up with something similar. The printable is self-explanatory. Just Read, Draw, Trace, and Write the sentence. Here’s a sample of the 12 pages of the Learn a Sentence Printable Pack!     I just have my daughter complete one per day.  Check out our back to school resources. These cute FREE Learn the Sentence Printables are {Read More}

Presidential Copywork with Gilbert Stuart Paintings-Plus Timeline Roundup 1755

Did you know August is American Artist Appreciation Month? I never found art interesting until I took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was there that I started to notice that the paintings were more than paintings. They were windows into other worlds. I began to be drawn in to the story the paintings were just one part of. Later, as I learned more, I began to also be drawn in to the stories {Read More}

FREE Summer Olympics Writing Prompts for Kids!

I wanted to create a few Summer Olympics Writing prompts for my kids, so they could accomplish creative writing this summer! They brainstorm one day, and then write the rough draft the second, and their final paper is due on the third day. However, you can assign the writing activity to meet your homeschool or classroom schedule. There are 6 total pages to choose from, so you can print the ones your child wants at any time. It’s perfect to keep your children {Read More}