FUN Grammar Practice for the whole Family!


Grammar practice lessons started ranking #1 in our homeschool when we started using Mad Libs. We usually each complete one on Friday and then discuss and have a big chuckle during lunch time.  It has helped all my children recognize the parts of speech in a creative form. If you haven’t started using Mad Libs in your home, you are missing out.  I loved them as a kid, and my children have followed in my footsteps. Here are several places {Read More}

FREE Transformers Handwriting Printable Set – Print and Cursive Edition

FREE Transformers Handwriting Printable Packs. Print and Cursive editions available.

My son is still practicing his manuscript and cursive letter formation, so I decided to make him this FUN Transformers Handwriting Printable Set. Even though it’s summer here, we still have a few lazy homeschool days a couple times per week.     There are 104 pages worth of handwriting practice for your student. Two pages for each letter in print and cursive. Your child will have mastered all 26 letter formation in print and cursive when he has completed this Transformers handwriting printable pack. Take a {Read More}

FREE Color the Sight Words – Summer Edition

FREE Color the sight words printable pack - summer edition. Super cute and festive for the hotter months.

The Princess is working on sight words and needed a little extra practice. She absolutely loves to color, so I decided to make some FUN summer themed coloring worksheets with some of her beginner sight words. She is working through her Kindergarten Curriculum this summer, but very loosely. I also believe the color words should be sight words, so she is memorizing those as well. The sight words that are covered in this Color the Sight Words summer themed pack are: {Read More}

FREE Summer Spelling Test Printables!

Free summer spelling test printables and ideas on how you can help your child with spelling during the summer months.

  I’m not sure about your kiddos, but mine love to display their Spelling Tests on the refrigerator. So I decided to make these festive Summer Spelling Test Printables for my children. We will be continuing spelling throughout the summer when my children are with me. There are (6) different pages to choose from depending on what spelling level your child falls into. The more advanced pages have space for dictation. You can use these Summer Spelling Printables with any spelling {Read More}

FREE Summer Reading Logs and Bookmarks

summer bookmarks and reading logs

Summer is here! Whether your children attend school or homeschool, we all love to see our children read leisurely during the hot summer months. At least this mama does! Reading was my favorite activity when I was a child during the summer months. Today there are computers, iPads, and cool apps that have taken over our children lives.  Times have changed, so we as parents have to be creative. We have daily book basket and I created these FUN summer {Read More}

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