May the 4th Be With You {Star Wars} Coloring Pages

FREE Star Wars Coloring Pages!

May the 4th is known to many as Star Wars Day! To help celebrate, I created this fun 15 page coloring page pack featuring some of the favorite characters from the classic movies. This pack includes 15 pages of black and white coloring pages for children.  Many of them include handwriting practice as well! Enjoy coloring in the characters and May the 4th be with you! Graphics courtesy of Spring Hill Graphics. Click here to download Be sure to grab {Read More}

FREE Home Printable Set – Print and Cursive Edition

homeshcool printables

My son is still practicing his manuscript and cursive letter formation, so I decided to make him this FUN Home Handwriting Printable Set.  The Princess is jsut beginning her letter formation and she things these Home handwriting printables are the coolest.   There are 104 pages worth of handwriting practice for your student. Two pages for each letter in print and cursive. Your child will have mastered all 26 letter formation in print and cursive when he has completed this Home handwriting printable pack. Take a peek    {Read More}

FREE ABC Flashcards

homeschool abc flashcards

The Princess is working on her beginning sounds this year. I created these simple abc flashcards for her to practice during our homeschool hours. I have placed them in her abc sensory bin. You can easily print the flashcards and laminate them for durablity.  You also might like our phonetic blend charts, too. They were a big help when mastering the beginning phonetic lessons for my older son. I created these ABC Flashcards for my email subscribers. Just fill out the form below {Read More}

FREE Oliver Twist copywork!

Oliver Twist copywork

  Description: Oliver Twist is a Charles Dickens classic. This copy work unit includes excerpts from Oliver Twist and room for writing. Upper elementary age students will gain exposure to this popular book and get a glimpse of one of the most beloved characters in literature, while practicing penmanship. This unit is also suitable for mid-elementary students who are advanced and middle school students who still engage in copy work. Copywork is popular among the homeschool community. Click over to Currclick to download {Read More}

Handwriting and More with Draw Write Now – FREE notebook pages

Learn how we successfully cover 5 subjects with Draw Write Now! Be sure to grab the free printables.

  We cover multiple subjects other than handwriting with the Draw Write Now books each day. If you believe children need to be at a desk for 7 hours than you will definitely want to stop reading. I strongly believe in teaching as many subjects together as a group and covering as many subjects at once as possible. This leaves room for the children to use their creative minds in the afternoons. If you are not familiar with Draw Write Now, you {Read More}

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