Handwriting and More with Draw Write Now – FREE notebook pages

Learn how we successfully cover 5 subjects with Draw Write Now! Be sure to grab the free printables.

  We cover multiple subjects other than handwriting with the Draw Write Now books each day. If you believe children need to be at a desk for 7 hours than you will definitely want to stop reading. I strongly believe in teaching as many subjects together as a group and covering as many subjects at once as possible. This leaves room for the children to use their creative minds in the afternoons. If you are not familiar with Draw Write Now, you {Read More}

FREE Learn the Sentence Printables- Spring Edition!

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I have a second grader who is learning to write complete sentences. He’s not too keen on writing. He does love Draw Write Now, so I wanted to come up with something similar. The printable is self-explanatory. Just Read, Draw, Trace, and Write the sentence. Here’s a sample of the 12 pages of the Learn a Sentence Printable Pack!     I just have my son complete one per homeschool day.  These cute FREE Learn the Sentence Printables are available to my email {Read More}

FREE Spring Writing Prompts for Kids!

FREE Spring Writing Prompts!

    I wanted to create a few FUN Spring Writing prompts for my kids! They brainstorm one day, and then write the rough draft the second, and their final paper is due on the third day. However, you can assign the writing activity to meet your homeschool schedule. Here is a sample of one of the four Spring writing prompts.   I created these free spring writing prompts for my email subscribers. Fill out the form below and you will {Read More}

FREE Short Vowel Sounds Worksheets

short vowel worksheet

The Princess will be learning her short vowel sounds soon. I decided to start making some FUN worksheets for her Kindegarten year. We started K this past week, and she is having so much fun. There are (5) pages total concentrating on the long vowel sounds. You can either print as worksheets or laminate them for additional usage. I thought about cutting them out as cards.  You also might like our phonetic blend charts, too. They were a big help {Read More}

FREE Phonics Blend Charts

phonics blend charts

My little cowboy is working on the blend sounds. I created these blend charts so he could fully grasp the concept. The charts include the blends bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gls, gr, pl, pr, sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, and tr. You can print, cut, and  laminate for sturdiness.  You also might like our phonetic blend charts, too. They were a big help when mastering the beginning phonetic lessons. I created these Phonic Blend Charts for my email subscribers. {Read More}

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