ave you ever wanted to snap your fingers and vanish ~ or should I say snap my fingers and have your screaming two year old vanish until he finishes his temper tantrum? LOL!

We were on our way to a homeschool picnic at the park and I had to stop into Mardels (Christain Bookstore) to pick up Doobies handwriting that I purchased Sat and left there by mistake. Zeke E boy wanted to watch Thomas (his favorite at this time) on the video at the store. So, of course, with the 2 older ones he was able to watch it for a few minutes while I made my purchase. When it was time to go, he went absoultely NUTS ~ screaming, kicking, and trying to get out of the cart. The entire store was looking at me with annoying faces. I can only imagine what they were thinking. I was truly embarrased. Anyways, this sweet lady in front of me said ” If it makes you feel any better, my oldest son who is a 39 year old doctor that now has 5 kids acted the same way.” She was so encourageing to me. She kindly asked me if she could pray over Zeke E Boy. The clerk, the kind woman and my boys all prayed for Zeke E Boy. Strangers praying together! It was so touching to me. And the lesson the boys and I learned today. The importance for praying for others and making it known. I am ashamed to say that I have prayed for so many people before but didn’t tell them for the fear of offending them. May God forgive me. I encourage you to let a friend, stranger or even your husband know that you prayed for them today. It truly makes a difference on the receiving end. I am so blessed that this kind woman wasn’t afraid of showing her faith in our God.