A list of Pool Noodle Fun for Summer

Pool Noodle Fun for Summer

The presence of pool noodles means that there is summer fun nearby. They are colorful, flexible, and can be found at almost any dollar store. You don’t need a pool to enjoy these creative indoor & outdoor pool noodle activities!

Pool Noodle Activities 1

Pom Pom Shooter  ~  Rocket Flinger  ~  Lightsabers  ~  Catapult

Pool Noodle Activities 2

Quiet Blocks  ~  Flying Bees  ~  Marble Run  ~  Golf Tee Creations

Pool Noodle Activities 3

Abacus  ~  Caterpillar Counting  ~  Syllable Caterpillar  ~  Chalk Pencil

Pool Noodle Activities 4

Water Wall  ~  Train Tracks Sprinkler  ~  Ball Run  ~  Bath Water Sensory

Pool Noodle Activities 5

Kick Croquet  ~  Goal Post  ~  Obstacle Course  ~  Javelin Throw

Grab some pool noodles and get ready for a summer of fun!

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