Organizing Your Digital Stockpiles

Hi everyone,

It is really great to live in the modern days as we can get more resources to equip ourselves in homeschooling, homemaking, marriage, parenting, etc that we can access anywhere and anytime. I mean by resources here is the digital books and mp3, that I call as digital stockpiles.

Even you can build up a private or family library that is more complete than the physical library. With the presence of sophisticated gadgets and online marketing, the possibility to get much cheaper ebooks and mp3 is greater than it was before.

Of course this is very beneficial personally for our family who lives far away from the USA. We don’t need to pay for the shipping fee. It takes $7 for each book shipped to our house in Indonesia. The shipping fee is even more expensive than the books themselves sometimes.

The digital books and mp3 are very portable and it is easier to access from almost any tabs and smartphones available today. We don’t need to carry a lot of books to read anywhere.

It is our first year to use kindle in our homeschooling now. It is very difficult to get this gadget sent by our relative to us. We use it for reading lessons most of the time. There are a lot of digital books and mp3 that cost much cheaper than the physical ones. We can choose as many resources as we like adjusted with our budget and needs. We use a lot of curriculum in digital formats:

In addition, we can get the resources very quickly compared with the post service that takes 1-3 months to send physical resources to our house.

The blogging world has some offers to get the resources sold as bundles or stockpiles. The sales are usually in a very limited time. So, what do you do with that many digital resources that you have? Here are some tips I would like to share:

Download all your digital resources to your computer

The digital resources usually have limited time to download. It must be very upset to get the download link to the resources don’t work while you still need to access them. Even some links have a forever and ever access, I usually download all of the links that I have purchased. Although I don’t need all of them, I don’t want to feel sorry for missing them one day for whatever reasons made by the hosts.

Safe the files in the clouding storages

There are a lot of alternatives for the clouding storage at the moment. Dropbox,, 4Shared, etc have some free storage for saving your digital piles so that you can access them anywhere and anytime. Keep some copies in different storages to make sure the are safe.

Prepare some hard disks to back up your collection

Never ever trust just one storage. Having more storage to back up your files is a way to play safe with your digital stockpile. Even if you purchase a kindle file, I would prefer to copy or download it in my 2 pieces of hard disks to prevent the worst thing. Make similar directories to your main storage. Don’t forget to get all of your storages or hard disks updated. 

Make some book directories

Keep your files under appropriate directories based on the classification that you have settled by yourselves. It is easier to get the books among their same niches rather than look for them spreading out in the storages. Avoid too much complicated directories or folder so you won’t get mixed up classifying the resources. Therefore, planning for the directories

Make list for your digital resource collection

As there are more and more sales available online for the digital resources, you might forget your collection in detail. You might also purchase the same resources later on. Therefore, having a file listing the title and the directories of your digital stockpile is very helpful to:

  • Prevent double purchase
  • Find out the title you want to read
  • Handle the file organizing 

Keep the list in a document keeper or clear holder and update them regularly.

Today I am going to share an annual sales of homeschooling resources hosted by iHomeschool Network, Omnibus 2014 to get everyone blessed with more affordable digital stockpiles that you can access through the years. For information about Omnibus 2014, you might visit my blog by Clicking the picture below:


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Important Notes:

  • The deadline for refunds is September 5. Positively no refunds will be given if the file host shows that you have downloaded any files.
  • The ebooks will only be available until September 25, please do not delay in downloading them. See the FAQ ( or contact iHomeschool Network ( for more information.
  • DVDs can be purchased until September 20.

{Disclosure: I am an affiliate with iHomeschool Network because my book is included in the bundle! Links contained in this post are affiliate links.}