Organizing Your Science Notebooking Pages

Last month I shared about general notebooking page organization. Today I would like to share about organizing your Science Notebooking Pages. The essence are still the same. It’s always helpful to me if I plan in advance to avoid middle of the year burnout. 

For bigger science lesson preparation, you might check my other post, Preparing Science Experiments in the Beginning of School Year. It might be too late for you to do, but in case you are thinking of improving your science planning in the notebooking activities, here are some ideas and steps for you to adopt.

Decide the types of science activities

In each science curriculum, there should be a list of topics to cover.  You might adjust it with your curriculum or you might design your own based on your needs. In each topic there are some science activities routine that are commonly used by learners. The more advance the learners are, the more variations are used. The science activities types can include the following

  • Reading text book
  • Observation
  • Experiments
  • Field trip
  • Scientist study
  • Science vocabulary
  • Research projects
  • Discussion
  • Etc.

Having various types of activities in a certain topic will make children more enthusiastic in learning science.  It will ease both parents and children anxieties if expectations are clearly understood.

Make a list of each science activities based on types

To start this step, you should have determined the types of activities for each topic in your curriculum planning. 

  • Make a list of experiments for each topic
  • Make a list of scientists you plan on studying that involves your study topic

Prepare each section and Provide the notebooking activities tools or materials

Gather all the necessities and put them in a secure location

  • Experiment material
  • Research planning and resources
  • Notebooking pages 

Preparing notebooking pages templates will help you save time in notebooking. Printing some copies of notebooking templates will be one less thing you will have to do during the science lesson.

Organizing the paper

Keep your papers in one of the suggested items:

  • Clear Holder
  • Plastic Protector in a 3 ring binder
  • Just make holes with hole puncher and keep the paper in a binder. If You choose this storage, it is better to give dividers for the different kinds of layouts.
  • Distribute the pages based on the curriculum in the children’s binder which is divided by dividers. 

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