Motivated Moms Chore Schedule and (5) Giveaways!


I LOVE the Motivated Moms chore schedule!

I have used it for 7 years now along with my children.

I never feel stressed out when I know house guest are coming.

I never spend all day cleaning either when I get that phone call at noon inquiring if we could meet at my house for bible study that particular evening.

This chore chart helps you and your family spread out your cleaning chores in daily segments. It suggest tasks that I would have a tendency to overlook, for example, clean light switches, clean out purse, clip children’s nails, and wipe out refrigerator and of course the obvious daily chores, too.

If you don’t get to that particular task that week, then just complete it the next time it comes around on your list. No big deal!

The Motivated Mom chore planner comes in many differentversions.

  • Full-sized Planner
  • Full-sized Planner with Scheduled Bible readings
  • Half-sized Planner
  • Half-sized Planner with Scheduled Bible readings
  • Full-sized Page Per Day Planner
  • Full-sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible readings
  • Half-sized Page Per Day Planner
  • Half-sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible readings
  • or available as an app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Android

You will have to browse to see which style works best for you.

I prefer the half sized planner and usually print out 6 weeks at a time.  I go through each 6 weeks in one sitting and mark the the chores that I am responsible for with MOM next to it.  Next, I go through the chore list and highlight each chore with one of four colors.  Each child has a designated color making it easy for them to recognize what chore they are responsible for that week.


Sometimes I move chores around depending on what’s going that particular week. For example, if we are having company over on Friday, I might schedule the bathrooms and the vacuum cleaning for Friday.  It’s very easy to moderate.

Now for the best part!

Motivated Mom has graciously offered to give (5) of my blessed readers a 2014 Chore Planner Ebook or Motivated Mom App.  I will be randomly picking the winners on January 16th at 11:59p.  All winners will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours.

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  1. How do we enter to win?

  2. Tracey M. says:

    I would LOVE to win! Thank you for the chance to win. I used the app last year, but it expired. I feel a little disorganized without it. I need to go back and look at the print versions.

  3. Melissa J says:

    I’d love to win too! I love MoMo and I miss my app! Would love the new one for the kindle. Thank you for the chance to win!

  4. Sounds like a great way to get my chores organized. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the Giveaway, Good Luck to all, Jill you are such a blessing, Im always referring other HS Mom’s to you!!! THANKS!!!!

  6. Would love to win a copy of this. Not sure if I would use the app or the paper version more. I’m thinking the app version might work best for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I would love to win this. I really want to work on assigning my kids some simple chores. They are still pretty young, but I figure it would be good to get them in the habit right now!

  8. The physical planner would better meet my needs. What a great giveaway!

  9. I’ve had my eye on Motivated Moms for quite some time now, so it’s fun to see it features here. I would love the 1/2 sized planner, or the app. I could work pretty easily with either.

  10. A planner I could hold and like at would be great to use to get my house in order.

  11. Would love to win!!!

  12. I’d love the app planner!

  13. kel white says:

    the paper one

  14. I’d like any of the planners that include the daily bible readings!

  15. I would like the half size, I think.

  16. Anything with scheduled bible reading would be great for me!

  17. Jenny Wilkinson says:

    I would love the ◾Full-sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible readings. How great to have it all in one place!

  18. I would probably pick paper but it would be a hard call the app would be nice too.

  19. I would love to win any style! Needing help organizing chores, this looks great!

  20. I would love the app planner. Thank you for the opportunity.

  21. alizabeth says:

    What a wonderful blessing! Thank you….

  22. I think I would like either the app planner or the half size page per day with Bible verses! Just to let you know your link doesn’t go directly to their products, but it does go to their site!

  23. Thank you for the opportunity to win! This looks like it would be a huge help to me and my family. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. I think that the Full sized planner with daily bible readings would be wonderful! Good luck to all that enter!

  24. I’d probably like the full size with bible readings. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. I would love the half page color edition with bible verses. 🙂 Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway. This is just what I’ve been looking for!

  26. Thank you for the opportunity. I have been looking for a way to have my kids help keep up the house.

  27. Cassandra says:

    I think this one 2014 Motivated Moms Half-Size Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Black and White} This would help me so much!! The phone app would be another option since I always seem to have my phone with me. But something about paper that just makes planning more there. Thank you!

  28. Hi, I would like any of them it would be such a blessing!! Thanks so much!!!

  29. I would probably do best with the daily planners, but I’d be grateful to win any of them. 🙂

    I wouldn’t be opposed to the app, but I’m a Windows Phone girl and lots of app developers forget about us.

  30. How amazing would the app be?!!?! Although, trying to get away from such a dependence on my phone as it seems to want to rule my life. 🙂
    So, the full page with Bible plan would be an excellent addition to my life. Thanks!

  31. I would like the full page, so I can pin it to the fridge and the whole family can see their chores. Happy to have found this site 🙂

  32. I would love the app if it’s available for kindle fire, or the half sized planner

  33. The half size chore planner looks good!

  34. Elizabeth B says:

    I like the 2014 Motivated Moms Half-Sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Color}

  35. Jeannette says:

    I like the Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading…what a wonderful resource!!

  36. Stephanie F says:

    I would love a chance to have the app!! Thanks!!

  37. Oh man i need the direction! I have 6 sons and a husband who had 6 brothers we have some habits to establish!

  38. I sure need help in establishing better chore habits!

  39. half sized planner

  40. Vanessa Wallace says:

    The half page or whole page would be best for me!

  41. The Half-sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible readings looks like it would be great with our homeschool schedule. Thank you!

  42. The ebook would be great!

  43. Katherine says:

    Would live the iOS app.

  44. This looks very useful! Would love the app and printability!

  45. The iPhone app … If it’s with me all the time, there are no excuses!!

  46. Melinda H. says:

    The half-size chore planner as an ebook. Thanks.

  47. This would be wonderful to

  48. I used Motivated Moms last year but didn’t have the money to get it this year. I’d love 2014 Motivated Moms Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Color}. 🙂

  49. I think the half sheet.

  50. The MM app is such a useful way to keep up on things when you are on the go. Great on my android phone. Thanks.

  51. I have 4 kids and 3 daycare kids… all 8 and under. I would love to win this! 🙂

  52. I would love this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. I would love to win the Half Size or Full-sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible readings.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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