We had a very busy weekend.  No rest!  Saturday we all drove to my sisters house early.  My dh, dad, and the 4 boys went shopping at Bass Pro Shop while my sister, mom, Ryland, and I went to her last baby shower.  The shower was immaculate.  Everything was beautiful.  Tatum Elizabeth scored!!  She got so many sweet things.  Then we went to Half Price Books~one of my favorites.  I got many children’s  books on my list for the curriculum that I am prayerfully preparing for the boys the following next year.  I have a dream to publish it.  God has put it on my heart to write a curriculum for busy moms.  My boys will be the lucky guinea pigs.  Like I said before, it is my dream.  Only God knows if  I will accomplish it.  Sunday we went to church, ran errands, and went to a church BBQ.

We had plans to go to the zoo today but I refused to take the risk of dealing with a contrary two year old.  He was a bear yesterday.  I don’t know if he is teething, doesn’t feel well or is just tired from the busy weekend.  UGH!  I have never had a child that I couldn’t take anywhere.  We just don’t know what to expect from him when we go out in public. It is embarrassing to me as parents.  So I will be locked up in the house for the next 18 years.  LOL!

Today I plan on catching up on the laundry, vacuming, and cleaning out my much needed closet full of maternity clothes.  I’m packing those suckers up.  We are having beef fajitas, guacamole @ chips for dinner.  Yummy!

Oh no!  I think Hayden and Grahm have Poison Ivy~  UGHHHHHH!!!