Mommy Time Facebook Party

Going Viral Through MommyTime Facebook Parties

  • introducing a new product or refreshing the relevance of an existing product
  • increasing the number of followers for your company’s Facebook page
  • interacting directly with your targeted audience
  • encouraging your potential clients by proving you are accessible
  • strengthening your brand’s circle of influence
  • ensuring that consumers remember your brand

If your goal is to build a stronger relationship with your target audience while achieving optimal results for a minimal investment, sponsoring a Mommy Time Facebook Party is a perfect solution.  And, it is EASY! Once I have your confirmation as a Mommy Time Facebook Party sponsor, I will do the rest!

See examples of previous review/giveaways:

Investment Benefits 

  • Receive a comprehensive review of your product posted on this blog with appropriate links to where the product/s can be purchased
  • Profit from a follow up post when the giveaway winner is announced promoting the links where the product/s can be purchased (EXAMPLE)
  • Gain the attention of Blessed Beyond a Doubt followers across the major social media platforms with the promotion of your review on Facebook, Twitter, , and Pinterest before, after, and during the Facebook party (one week total)
  • Build relationships with potential consumers through a one hour Facebook party where you can interact with Blessed Beyond a Doubt readers by answering their questions related to your expertise
  • Reap additional recognition through the cross-promotion provided on 3 other blogs participating in the Facebook party.  Our unique visits in the month of September  reached almost 65,000 readers and it continues to grow at a fast pace

The Mechanics of Facebook Parties 

During the last Mommy Time Facebook Party in December, there were hundreds of women interacting with one another with relevant brands on my Facebook page.

The discussion was biblical character training, behavior in children, organization, and . Participating companies provided a product for review and another for giveaway. Reviews were posted on the blog in the week leading up to the event. Giveaway entry forms posted under each review during the hour of the Mommy Time Facebook party and  links were posted on Facebook throughout the party and in the week that followed.a

Due to the high interest level, I compiled all the Q & A’s that were dicussed during the last Mommy Time Facebook Party into a FREE ebook including the sponsors website links.  It was a huge hit with over 4000 page views.

The next Mommy Time Facebook Party 

The tentative date for the next Mommy Time Facebook Party is Thursday, February 7, 2013. 

This Mommy Time Facebook Party is enlarged to 4 dedicated bloggers participating so the party will be live in every US time zone. Each blogger will host one hour of the Mommy Time Facebook Party on their Facebook page at 8 PM in their time zone. ALL companies involved in ANY review/giveaway from ANY of the four blogs will be cross-promoted by a landing page on each of the four blogs providing an optimal opportunity to grow your exposure.

Don’t miss this opportunity to match your family-friendly product with a hard-working blogger passionate about connecting her readers with trustworthy brands that will bless their family.

During the hour hosted on my Facebook page, the topic will be Keeping Our Priorities In Line: God, Spouse, and Children!

Sponsorship Contribution is $150.00, however, if you choose to offer door prizes during the Mommy Time Facebook Party to my readers, the price will be altered.  This is a HUGE opportunity for your company to go viral at a low price.

Additional blogs and the featured topics will be announced soon.

If you are interested in sponsoring the next Mommy Time Facebook Party, please CONTACT ME as soon as possible.

Sponsorship opportunities are VERY limited and time sensitive.  The last Mommy Time Facebook Party we had an overwhelming response.

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