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Having a Math Online Education program has helped our homeschool days tremendously!

 math online education

Teaching math to a variety of ages from K-12 has always been a difficult task in our home and required the annual math curriculum purchase for each student as well as intense focus to help middle and highschoolers who struggle with various math concepts. Enter CTC Math, the most comprehensive online math program for K-12 that delivers both a complete curriculum for grades K-6 and tutor through grade 12!

CTC Math engages students through the use of video lessons where the student can stop, restart and rewind to their heart’s content until they have the confidence to complete the interactive questions or worksheets.   Yes, you can rewind the teacher and watch the video lessons as many times as desired.

Math Online Education

As the student completes each short video lesson they answer interactive & online questions that deliver instant feedback so they know if each question was answered correctly. Or, they can choose to print a worksheet for offline work. Along the way, CTC Math records the student’s online work and builds progress reports so parents can see where each student is. Reports are automatically emailed weekly or accessed in real-time.

Math Online Education

Flexibility is also key with CTC Math. Students have access to all grades from K-12 so they can continue to work on past concepts while also moving forward into new areas. They are not restricted to a single grade level. Oh, for students that have come to love quiet time with their tablets and smart phones, CTC Math works on iPads and Android devices as well as computers. CTC Math goes where they go!

 math online education

Homeschool budget friendly, the cost of CTC Math is equivalent to most single year math curriculum and can be used by each student in your home without additional cost per student. A victory for large homeschool families!

What I like about the CTC Math Program:

1. Access to all grades – no restrictions for students

2. Complete curriculum for K-6 and comprehensive for older students

3. Total video lesson control, start-pause-stop and watch as many times as you like

4. Instant feedback to encourage students to continue

5. Goes where the student goes on iPad & Andriod, phones, tablets and computers

What I don’t like about the CTC Math Program:

1. There is a lot of information in the program.  OK, I do like this and it goes beyond most math curriculum but found at first I must take it one student at a time to understand where to go with them before moving on to the next. Plan ahead before the school year starts.

2. The more advanced concepts do require the student to print a worksheet, complete it, match up the answers to a multiple choice list and then enter online.  Kind of tedious but I guess it’s hard to work complex algebra and more in your head.

Check out this video to look behind the scenes at the parent area!


Check out this video to look behind the scenes at the student area!


Finally! An affordable math program for all my children from K-12 that gets straight to the point, is easy to navigate, is fun & interactive and reports back to me so I know what has been completed and where each child is.

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How do you think having a Math Online Education program in your home can help make your homeschool journey easier for the whole family?