Mark Twain Quotes and Copywork The scene from Tom Sawyer is timeless. Tom, munching on an apple and looking lazily on while the neighborhood boys he has tricked into whitewashing the fence for him labor away. We’re going to recreate part of that scene in copywork today. The passage is included in print, cursive, and manuscript format to trace and to copy. 27 pages total. Today’s Teachable Timeline roundup takes us to 1835, the year of Twain’s birth, and shares some fun ways you can bring a year of history to life in your home!

Mark Twain Quotes and Copywork

Teachable Timeline 1835

May 13, 1835, the first foreign embassy in Hawaii was established. Throw a luau to remember this date!

August 18, 1835, the last Potawatomi Indians left Chicago. Discover the history of the Potawatomi Indians on this site for kids.

November 24, 1835, Texas lawmakers authorized a special law enforcement agency known as the Texas Rangers. Meet Texas Rangers past and present and discover their unique and fascinating history at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.

December 1, 1835, Hans Christian Andersen published his 1st book of fairy tales. Curl up with a classic tale and enjoy!