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February is Library Lovers Month!!

Last year I tried my hand at making Unit Studies and Printables. I found that I really enjoyed it – A LOT!! So, this year I decided to work through the major holidays making a unit study for each one.


But then I wanted to add some more fun to our homeschool days/weeks, so I decided to make mini unit studies for those daily obscure holidays (i.e. hot dog day, bubble wrap appreciation day – yes, there is such a thing – etc.).


So, why did I want to create a Library Lovers Month Unit Study? Well, this past year has been a very tough one in our family and we’ve just gone to “surviving.” You know that mode? Yeah…I know it all too well these days. Our homeschooling was lacking – severely – and we had stopped visiting the Library all together. Not only am I working to bring more fun and excitement back to our homeschooling activities, I also want to get back to some of our weekly “field trips” like the Library.


I know the library may seem a bit archaic these days with the World Wide Web full of information and at our fingertips, but I still want my kids to know what a book is! There’s just something about sitting back in a chair, curled up under a comfy (warm) blanket, coffee (or tea) in hand and reading a good, old-fashioned, in-your-hand book!! I want my kids to have that same experience and love of reading that I do.


The Hubster despised reading growing up because he has dyslexia and therefore was a slow reader. Our oldest displays signs of dyslexia as well, but because I tried to foster a love of reading in him at an early age, he’s learned to overcome and conquer some of the challenges that come with dyslexia. He’s required to read 40 pages a day in a book of his choosing – with my approval, of course – and most often I find him in there reading chapter after chapter. His new-found love is the Hardy Boys series, which I was able to score at a garage sale for $.50 a piece!!! And hardbacks too!! SCORE!!!


So, to say I love reading might be an understatement. And I suppose the fact that I’m just a bit of a geeky-nerd doesn’t hurt either. Nevertheless, I am so pleased with the final result of this Unit Study that I was literally over-the-moon when it finally all came together! This Unit Study is definitely more involved than my usual ones, as I made it to span over 4 weeks. It includes Language Arts/History, Social Studies/Geography, Math, Science and even some additional reading resources to check out on those trips to the library. I hope you all enjoy using it as much I enjoyed making it!!!


>>>> Click here to download the LIBRARY LOVERS MONTH Unit Study <<<<

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Thank you so much for letting me share with you all today!  ~ Annette


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