Large Family Homeschooling eBook

Large Family Homeschooling

This 170 page eBook includes :

*How to homeschool the hearts of your children.
*How to have enough of you to go around.
*How to keep your home clean and your homeschool organized.
*The best methods for homeschooling your growing family.
*Ideas for planning and record keeping.
*How to afford the large family homeschool.
*How to organize the large family homeschool
*How to handle babies and toddlers during school hours.
*How to homeschool through morning sickness and other difficult circumstances.
*How to tweak homeschooling methods to make them work for large families.

PLUS some wonderful surprises just for you – Freebies & Exclusive Coupon Codes! 

Large Family Homeschooling is full to the brim with practical, encouraging advice for homeschooling a growing family!  All for only $7.99!


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