Sadly, I missed the entire Ladies Retreat on Saturday due to a yucky virus. I was extremly ill on Saturday ~ in fact, I finally feel better today.

But I have the dearest friends in the world that God has blessed me with. They completly nursed me the entire day. Bringing me my sweet baby to nurse, changing his diaper peridocially, making him feel secure, bringing me ginger ale, packing my entire baggage, driving my car home while I held a Walmart bag, and dodging into Taco Bell without wrecking in order for me to dispose whatever was left in my pathetic body. I was so sick that I couldn’t even get dressed into my clothes. So, Yes, I puked in Taco Bell in my pj’s on the floor. I regretfully was so embarrased that I looked like I got hit by a hurricane that I refused to tell the employees that I flooded their women’s bathroom floor. So, if you happened to be in that neck of the woods on Saturday afternoon and had to tinkle, I apologize! By the grace of God, I made it home alive ~ thanks to my loving and empathetic friends.

A Friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Pro 17:17

Even though I missed the Ladies Retreat, I now realized my friends are the best……. Thank you, ladies. I love you!!!!