Keeping Your Baby Protected During the Spring Allergy Season!

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Spring is here; temperatures are getting more comfortable to enjoy the outside fresh air.  But while the weather is pleasant, the spring season brings more allergens to the air, and rising temperatures can trigger skin irritations for little ones. With all this in mind, it’s important that parents seek out products that are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. My fourth child had extreme skin allergies, so I’m a big advocate for Dreft products.

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Washing your little one’s clothes in a gentle, hypoallergenic product like Dreft is an easy and effective way to help keep baby stay comfortable during the spring season. 


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Did you Know?

Dreft is the No. 1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians to be gentle and hypoallergenic on baby’s skin. It has been trusted for over 80 years. 

I admit, I’m a sucker for the baby smell. It makes me happy. Dreft comes with a baby scent beloved by all moms and grandmas and it remains safe and hypoallergenic for baby.

Tips to Protect Your Baby from Spring Allergies

  • If your baby is 6 months or older, use sunscreen generously. It is a good idea to avoid exposing your baby to the sun during peak hours between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dress your baby in an adorable hat with sunglasses. Ezema is common during the warmer months, so avoid direct sun exposure during the peak hours.
  • When it comes to fabrics, it’s also essential that fabrics be cared for properly. Always wash baby’s items with a specially-formulated product such as Dreft to avoid skin allergies.

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  1. nydia romero says:

    No one in my family has allergies to products or food, but I’m allergic to pollen, ragweed, dust, and also trees, grass, mold.

  2. Darlene Sullins says:

    My hubby and eldest daughter has allergies during seasons with high pollen count.

  3. Jessica N says:

    We all pretty much have allergies! It helps to have dreft!

  4. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My youngest son, myself and my husband all have allergies!

  5. Kristin J DeFazio says:

    Two of my children have allergies.

  6. SARAH ORF says:

    We both have allergies!

  7. My boys and I have seasonal allergies and sensitivities to many chemicals.

  8. Winter says:

    Everyone in my family has some sort of allergy. Newborn daughter is sensitive to most disposable diapers, so she has pretty sensitive skin. Husband and son are suffering from seasonal allergies and I am highly allergic to Cinnamon. The holidays find momma a sniffling, scratchy throat mess.

  9. Ariane Lanzdorf says:

    My 4 kids and my husband all have seasonal allergies and to things that I use in the wash, so I have to be careful, and with a 5th child on the way it would be awesome to use this on all the baby clothes !

  10. Jessica F says:

    We all have allergies here.

  11. Stacey Roberson says:

    My daughter has eczema, and it seems to flare up when she stressed.

  12. Jessica Medina says:

    My husband has skin sensitivities

  13. Jessica says:

    My husband has allergies. I don’t know if our baby does or not yet.

  14. Unfortunately, we all suffer from allergies!

  15. Amanda Healey says:

    My husband, myself and my toddler are all pretty lucky. We all get a little irritated by allergies in Spring and high pollen times, but not all year. My baby boy is due in 4 weeks and I am hoping he is lucky as well!

    Thank you!

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