Jumping into Spring Giveaway

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What makes me happy today is to be able to arrange  a bundle of eBook giveaway to all readers on Blessed Beyond A Doubt. Some people on the northern hemisphere are getting ready for the spring and those who are in the equator like me are getting ready for the hot season. They should be very excited with the coming of these seasons. For those who are in the southern hemisphere are ready for Fall which is the most beautiful season as many people say.

First of all, I would like to thank all of the writers that are participating in the giveaway. All of the books and digital products listed below have been reviewed on my blog, Blessed Learners. There are some books related to homeschooling, blogging, personal, and parenting.

Creative Nature Walks Final_000001

100+Easy and Fun Creative Nature Walks For All Ages by Cindy West

It has incredible ideas of activities to do during the nature walk activities with your children. Whether you homeschool your children or not, nature walk activities will be a great idea to get everyone close to the nature physically and mentally. To get deeper review about this book, you might visit it at:

Let’s Welcome Spring and Summer: Creative Nature Walk Idea For All Ages {Review}


bigadearth-300x300Earth Day Unit and Activity Pack by Jenn Gerlach

April 22 is Earth Day. It is going to be the perfect time to teach kids how to love the Earth by giving more attention to the living or natural environment. Here is great package of activity to multiple ages family from Pre K to 6th Grade. You might visit Upside Down Kids for more information about the product. There are also some other packages available.



Asia Its People and History by Bonnie Rose Hudson (1)_000001

Asia: Its People and History by Bonnie Rose

Here is a wonderful book of Asia, a continent that has a lot of developing countries (like my country) ready for rising their performance in the world. This wonderful book covers the study of both geography and history. There is also a huge feature of Christian missionary critical thinking. To get deeper review about this book, you might visit it at:

Asia: Its People and History, A Review



 Memorize The Sermon on The Mount by Kimberly D. Garcia

An interactive, open-and-memorize, Scripture Memory system that enables students to quickly and easily memorize the Bible. This Bible Memorization Made Easy workbook is designed to make memorizing “The Sermon on the Mount” concrete and easy to accomplish. (KJV). You might see how we did the memorization and review at:

How Do We Memorize The Scripture? Bible Memorization Made Easy is The Answer {A Review}


How to Choose Just Right Books PDF-Final_000001

How To Choose Just Right Books by Becky Spence

Getting kids love reading is sometimes hard as they don’t have the right book. How do you choose the just right book? Becky Spence will share some great information in this simple and great book. You might see a more detail review at:

How to Choose “Just Right” Books: Helping Kids Grow as Readers By Becky Spence, A Review



Tidbits From Help Meets’ Hearts by Marriage Motherhood and Mission

This is a wonderful book about some great topics for Christian women. The content is really serious and touching to the reality. If you are Christian women, there is no point not reading this book. For more detail review, you might read at:

Tidbits From Help Meets’ Hearts, A Must Have Book For Christian Women {A Review}


The Talk_000001

The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality by Luke Gilkerson

There are a lot of things to consider how, when, where, what and why to explain their children about sexual education to children age 6-10. The Talk, 7 Lessons To Introduce Your Child To Biblical Sexuality, will answer all of the questions. You might see more detail review at:

How to Introduce Children to The Sexual Education with “The Talk” {A Review}



Growig your Blog4

Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home by Jacinda Vandenberg

This is a must have book for blogging mommies as it is very hard to get the activities being a blogger and a mommy to get together. This book doesn’t tell the readers about time management only, but also some tips and information about blog techniques and monitizing. More review is available at:

Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home: Review and Giveaway



Intentional Marriage Book Final_000001

Intentional Marriage, The Art of Loving Your Husband by Crystal Brothers 

Keep your marriage fresh and bright by doing some intentional loving your husband habit. Intentional Married: The Art of Loving Your Husband will help women to give nutrient to your marriage. Here are 31 days of action to brighten your marriage. More Review at:

Intentional Marriage: The Art of Loving Your Husband (31 Day Devotional) – Review & Giveaway


All of those writers are very generous to give (2) winners a bundle set of these (9) eBooks. Please visit their sites sometimes. Winners will be receiving the pdf of those books.

I will be picking a winner on April 9th at 12p CST. Winners will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

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