Summer-Themed Preschool Letter Pack

It’s summertime! Summer can mean a lot of things like ice cream, roller coasters, barbecues, picnics, and more! These FREE Summer-Themed Printable Alphabet Worksheets practice letters B, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, P, and R with ten traceable copywork pages and colorful mazes. It even has some counting and shape practice added in for extra fun! Your little one will have the chance to learn:

  • B is for Boat
  • F is for Ferris Wheel
  • H is for Hot Dog
  • I is for Ice Cream
  • J is for Jump Rope
  • K is for Ketchup
  • L is for Lemonade
  • M is for Mustard
  • P is for Popsicle
  • R is for Roller Coaster

PLUS, they will get to count the number of each in the mazes and draw either a circle, square, or triangle around the correct number. Ten pages of prep-free fun!

Download your Summertime Printable Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool