FREE John Greenleaf Whitter Copywork and How to Bring 1807 History to Life

John Greenleaf Whittier Copywork If you were to make a list of the top American authors of the 1800s, it is likely you’d include the names of two authors who were both born in 1807: John Greenleaf Whittier and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Like many American authors of his time, Longfellow was born into a financially secure family in New England. He attended private schools and studied Sir Walter Scott and Washington Irving. John Greenleaf Whittier, however, had a very different background. He was born to Quaker farmers in Massachusetts and had limited opportunities for a formal education. Instead he educated himself by reading volume after volume of British poetry and the work of Scottish author Robert Burns. Today Whittier is remembered as both an author and an abolitionist who became well-known in both American and Great Britain during his lifetime. Today’s copywork comes from one of his faith-based poems, “By Their Works.” Print, cursive, and manuscript copywork to trace as well as to copy are included in the copywork printable.

Download “By Their Works” copywork by John Greenleaf Whittier now!

What else was going on around the world in 1807? Let’s look at five other 1807 events and some ways we can bring this period of history to life for kids.

January 19, 1807: Robert E. Lee was born in Stratford, Virginia. Check out this fun Civil War Activities for Kids: Copywork printable. It includes ten quotes from prominent leaders of the American Civil War. The quotations are perfect for dictation as well as copywork. Copywork is provided in three handwriting styles-print, cursive, and manuscript-to either trace or copy. Each book is approximately 34-40 pages and is just $1.99. 

March 5, 1807: Ludwig von Beethoven’s 4th Symphony in B was performed for the first time. You can find a biography of Beethoven here and a Beethoven unit study here.

March 25, 1807: The first railway passenger service began in England. Plot an imaginary rail trip with this map of the rail system in England. Create an itinerary with your kids and do some exploring and find out what you’ll see at each stop!

June 22, 1807: The British boarded the USS Chesapeake. This was one of the acts that led to the War of 1812. You can find some interactive kids’ activities about the War of 1812 here.

September 4, 1807: Robert Fulton began commercially operating his steamboat. To have some fun with this history fact, try charting a map of Fulton’s first journey or find out how the steamboat works.

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