Intentional Quiet Time – {Day 3) TOS 5 Day blog Hop!

Like I mentioned earlier, I had no concept of Jonah, so I was like a child when I became a Christian in regards to biblical theology.  Most of my current bible knowledge strictly comes from the Holy Spirit speaking to me during my intentional quiet time.

I give Him all the glory!

So rather you are 10 or 101 years old, it’s never too late to let the Spirit speak to you through His Holy Word.

It’s powerful!

You will become more like Him!

I have gleaned the most from my individual quiet time by studying the Bible in an expository manner.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love participating in Bible Studies and have gained an enormous amount of spiritual growth, but I feel I have grown closer to Him by initiating my own study.

So, I do both.  I study the Bible in an expository manner when I am not participating in our ladies Bible study with our church.  This plan works well for me.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of reading the Bible in a year or 90 Days.  I am sure it benefits some, but I need time to reflect and meditate on His Word.

I choose to read 1 book of the Bible at a time until I complete it.  I am in NO HURRY!  This is what is called, Expository teaching. Last summer and throughout  the fall, I read all of Paul’s teaching.  It was life changing.

Line upon Line. I take it in like an IV drip.

I have created 2 different bible study notebook pages.  They both work well for me, so see which one benefits you the most.  Or do your own thing.  Remember…these are only tools.  I only use one at a time!  I place under the Bibile section of my Disciple Notebook.

Wondering what SOAP stands for:
– Scripture that stood out to you from the Holy Spirit
– observation – any notes that the Lord might be telling me
– how can you apply this today in your life
– praying that I will use this scripture for His glory

There is nothing in the Bible that says you have to read through the Bible in a year or what have you.  So, stop stressing out!  That is nothing but an attack from Satan!  The Lord wants us in His word daily, so the Spirit can speak to us.  It’s quality not quantity!

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Now hop on to the other blogs, ya here!  Lots of good stuff!



  1. Thanks for sharing SOAP with others! I’m so glad you like it and it has helped you grow. 🙂

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