I am so excited to share with you Karen Ehman’s new book, Let.It.Go!  She wrote this book with me in mind!

Foreword by Candace Cameron Bure

Women are wired to control. We make sure the house is clean, the meals
prepared, the children are dressed, and everyone gets to where they’re going on
time. But sometimes our strength of being conscientious can morph into the
weakness of being a slight—or all out—control freak! This humorous, yet
spiritually practical book will help you to:

Karen’s new book will empower you to:

• Take control of your schedule yet welcome interruptions from God
• Draw the line between mothering and micromanaging
• Influence your husband instead of manipulating him
• Learn to control your emotions when you can’t control the circumstances
• Stop pursuing the appearance of perfection and start pursuing the person
of God

*A companion 6 week dvd and Bible study guide is also available.

An interview with Karen about this new project:

Karen, tell us a little about why you wrote this book. Are you a control

Ummm….yeah! What woman isn’t about at least some aspect of life? We
have so many areas that we must be in charge of—at home, at work, in the
church and community. What happens is that we let our strengths of multitasking and getting jobs done morph into a weakness of being controlling.

So, are you saying controlling can actually be needed at times?

Of course we must control our homes and schedules and such. We should
work with diligence and excellence. What we have to be careful of is going
from being conscientious to being controlling. Being conscientious is doing a
job well. Being controlling is trying to manipulate the outcome. There is a
difference and we know deep down inside when we’ve crossed that line. This
book helps women determine how to control what they should, trust God with
what they can’t, and most importantly, how to decide which one is which!

What are some areas you cover in the book where women try to run the 

We try to be in control of our homes, our schedules, our kids, our husbands,
our circumstances, others’ opinions of us…..the list is long!
So what is at the root of why we women control?
We control because we don’t trust God. We think we know better than Him
just what is best for us. It is as old as the garden of Eden. Well, guess what?
God called and He’d like his job back!!

The holidays are coming up. Do they bring out the control freak
tendencies in women?

Oh yes….in fact. One whole chapter of the book is about my friend Lisa
Whelchel daring me five years ago to not make any decisions for a whole
three weeks RIGHT AT THE HOLIDAYS!! It was painful. And actually, in the
end, wonderful. I think this topic is so important that I’ve written a free five day
resource for women dealing with the holidays called From Chaos to Calm:
The LET. IT. GO. Christmas Challenge.

You can sign up for it FREE here.!

What is your prayer for the woman who reads your book?

I pray that through learning to relinquish control and let go of the reins, she
will be able to grab hold of her faith. That her relationship with God will
strengthen as she learns to stop trying to fix outcomes and get her own way
but seeks His perfect will for her life—and the lives of her loved ones—

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You can purchase Let.It.Go as Christmas gifts for 9.98.  It’s perfect gift that will bless the special women in your life.

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Karen wants to give away 2 Blessed Beyond a Doubt readers a copy of her new book, Let.It.Go.  I will be picking a random winner on Wednesday, 21 at 11:59a.  Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours.

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