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Sending your child to a new school can be just as nerve-racking for the parents as the student. I’m not sure if I am extra sensitive to this subject because I distinctly remember moving to a new state and school when I was in the fourth grade.

how to prepare your child for a new school

It was not as glorious as I anticipated. I actually had a very hard time adjusting to the school and meeting new friends. I’m sure the age factor had a lot to do with the situation. Also, we moved at the very end of the school year.

Moving to a new school is inevitable, but there are a few things we can do to make attending a new school more inviting for our children before their first day.

How to Prepare Your Child for a New School

Attend Orientation Together.

Have your child go with you to the orientation and meet the teacher day. Introduce them to as many people as possible. This is great way to meet other families and you can plan a playdate to meet at the park before the first day of school. Having a friend can make all the difference in the world for a child.

Take Tour of School.

If this is not a planned event, call the school and request a guided tour of the campus. Make sure you point out where the bathrooms are located. Also, show them their classroom and where they will put their backpacks when they arrive at school. If children are well aware of where they need to go and what is expected of them on the first day, it can help eliminate additional fears.

Pinpoint the Positives.

Discuss and view the school’s handbook, mascots, and check out the school’s websites. Show them the playground, school calendars, and pictures of the students from the previous years. This will help your child envision their experience as a student at their new school.

Prepare with Back to School Supplies.

Plan to  purchase their back to school school supplies together. Have them pick out a new backpack and lunchbox. Make the back to school shopping an afternoon date. Take your child for ice cream after you’ve had a busy shopping day. 

Remind Child of other Firsts.

It’s helpful to remind your children of all the other ‘firsts” they have encountered, such as, attending a new church or attending camp. Remind them how well they did and it wasn’t as scary as they initially thought. Show them pictures of the their accomplishments.

Pray with Child.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. Start praying with your child now about their first day of school. Intentionally pray for their fears. 

Read Books.

My children love when I read them books on subjects that they are currently experiencing. Either go the library or purchase books on the subject of the first day of school. Read one every day until school starts. 

There are many other things you can do to make your child’s new school experience as exciting and successful as possible, but these are just a few tips that I plan to implement with my children before starthing this school year at the public school.

Of course, I will be sending cute lunch box notes in my children’s lunchboxes everyday, too.

What ways that you are going to prepare your child for a new school this year?