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Printables are all over the Internet these days. Bloggers enjoy making them and sharing them on Facebook and Pinterest to help their readers with one area or another of their life.

Check out how to organize all those printables neatly.

But what happens when you’ve used up four ink cartridges, and you are now drowning in printables?!

Never fear – there are quite a few ways you can organize these papers so you aren’t creating more clutter in your home.

How to Organize your Printables

Before we get into the organization, I want to note something important. Make sure you can benefit from a printable before you send it through your printer. 

The checklist or worksheet may look so pretty and be ideal for your home life, but unless you are actually going to use the printable, you are wasting time, money and space!

Organize with binders

Grab a few three-ring notebooks and start organizing your printables based on their subject. It’s a good idea to have one for home, work, and recipes. You may need other topics too, depending on the type of printables you have on hand.

Use page protectors if your printables are something you want to read time and time again. If they are sheets you need to fill out, simply use a three-hole punch to insert them into your binder.

Organize with file folders

If you are only printing one type of printable and don’t want go the binder route, you can always organize them by placing them into a file folder. If your desk allows, you may be able to drop some hanging folders into the drawer. If not, you can always get a file box for your printables. I store all my homeschool printables in file folders.

Organize with a clipboard

For printables that will be written on for a few days then thrown away, a clipboard may be the perfect storage solution. You can hang the clipboard in the room it is needed, such as the kitchen for a weekly meal plan.

Hang your beautiful printables

Printables that involve motivational quotes or beautiful scenes should be hung in the home where you can appreciate them daily. For example, hang a fitness printable on your closet wall, reminding you to stay active while getting dressed each morning.

Printables only work if you take the time to organize and use them! They look pretty on the computer screen, but prevent paper clutter in your home by only printing ones you really need…and then putting them to good use!

Do you have any tips to add on how to organize all those cool printables?