Learn How to Organic Garden the Easy Way!

One of the many blessings of homeschooling our children is incorporating our science lessons while planting an organic garden for our family to enjoy. Yes, it a homeschool mom’s dream to have our little children run to the garden to select delicious, fresh organic vegetables for our supper each evening. Imagine no more!  You can make it a reality! You can learn how to grow your own food easily and naturally! We recently moved and had to leave behind our vegetable {Read More}

Unplanned Kids….

Whoopsie! Felicity got married without her Daddy’s approval. Felicity entered our barn last Fall for an indefinite vacation in anticipation of breeding one of our bucks in the near future. However, Felicity hooked up with Harry Potter from her own farm before her arrival here at our homestead. She is only 16 months, so we were a bit concerned.  However, she delivered fine and was a trooper.  She is a proud mama, too. Stay tuned…we have 4 more does about {Read More}