Homeschooling is About Choices, Part 2

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In “Homeschooling is About Choices, Part 1“, I delved into the following topics:

  • Why do you homeschool?
  • Are your children on board with your decision?
  • Can they defend your family’s decision to homeschool?

I trust that gave you plenty of food for thought, and this week I am back with more little mind- and heart-stimulating  nuggets that I have learned along my homeschooling  journey.  Today, my topic of choice deals with self-discipline.

In addition to homeschooling, I also work from home.   Even though we live very frugally, without my income we would not have the ability for any of the many unexpected expenses that comes with daily life.  I gladly gave up a career outside of the home when I decided to homeschool, but I did not give up my love of using my technical skills to help make the world a better place.  Well, okay, so I’m not saving the world by creating graphics and helping out books that are in desperate need of a good edit, but I do take great pleasure in churning out good work.  🙂  God has blessed me, and I use my talents to help other Christian businesses that need good, affordable help.

The problem is that lately I catch myself saying, “Just a minute!”  a little too often.

Lately, I catch myself saying, “Can you get it yourself?” a little too often.

Lately, I catch myself wishing I had more time to work without interruptions a little too often.

Is that a bad thing?  In itself, no.  We raise our kids to be self-sufficient and to help each other.  But we also raise our kids to limit their electronics time and to realize when something is becoming an addiction.  If it’s all you can think about, you are starting to exhibit the signs of an addiction.  My focus has not been on my family lately.  It is, but it isn’t.  I’m working to provide added blessings to our life:  church camp, invention camp, a trampoline, a new bra would be nice, new jeans for my boy, new shoes for my girl.  These things are not bad things, and some of them are even requirements at times.  (Trust me.  If you saw my bra, you would be cheering me on, lol.)  So, yes, at the heart of it, my focus is on my family.  But I often get so caught up in taking care of my clients that I neglect to take care of my children in the manner that I desire.  They are fed, bathed, loved, and all of the good stuff.  But the bedtime story has fallen by the wayside.  The daily walks have ceased.  The family dinner is becoming a faded memory.

So while I enjoy helping others, I know that I should be helping my family first.  I should not allow myself to get so frustrated and pressed for time that I am snappy with them and neglect to give them one-on-one mommy time.  I need to discipline myself to turn the computer off, to not over-commit, to find my pride in my family instead of my work.

You may not work at home, but I’m sure if you evaluate yourself, you will find an area that you are lacking in.  If you can’t, then ask your children how you can be a better mother.  Ask your husband if he has any counsel for you.

There is a quote I saw recently that really convicts me, because of the truth it speaks.  I’m not sure if this is the exact quote or where it originated from, but the point is very clear.

If you’re too busy to pray and spend time in God’s word, then you’re busier than He ever intended you to be.

I don’t need an accountability partner.  I know what I’m doing wrong.  I need self-discipline.   I need to choose my daily path.  I have made a conscience effort today to take care of more than just my children’s surface needs.  Have you?

Please comment as you feel led.  We learn by listening.  We each have some wisdom that we can impart.  If not wisdom, then encouragement.  If not encouragement, then an example.  I want to listen to you.


About the Author:

Melinda Martin is a homeschooling mother of two and wife to one prison chaplain.  She used to live hard for the devil, and now she lives hard for God.  Her passions include music, drinking good coffee, sewing, and writing in third person.  Her personality page is Musings of a Minister’s Wife, and her business page is Helpy Helper VA Services.


  1. Kelly Jo says:

    Great points – I am currently struggling with this same thing right now as I balance working from home, homeschooling, and all those wonderful other things I’ve committed myself and family too! Sarah Mae just released an awesome E-book called “The Unwired Mom” here’s a link – I think we all need to step back and assess our priorities and what we really are showing our children!

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