Make Your Own Alphabet Letters with FREE Printable!


I always love to find new manipulatives to teach phonics and sounds! It’s kinda addicting to me. The Measured Mom has detailed instructions on how to make your own letters with milk caps! She includes  FREE patterns to make them pretty, too. Widgets  

Print these FREE Blend Cards!


Head on over to 3Dinosaurs to grab these FUN blend walls cards! Description: Blends Wall Cards have the following blends: bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, & tr. Also, you will want to check out the FREE blend charts that I used […]

FREE Three Letter Word Writing Activity!

FREE 3-letter-words writing

Practicing three letter words with a FUN writing activity will keep your student busy. My 6 year old needed some extra practice with his letter formation and sounding out three letter words, so I can up with this entertaining writing activity. Here’s How It Works Print the word cards, laminate, and cut Place word cards […]

FREE Phonetic Blend Charts – Mastering Phonic Sounds!

FREE consonant blend charts

 This post contains my affiliate link that helps support my family.  Read my full disclosure policy. Teaching and mastering  all the consonant blend sounds are a must in our homeschool before we move on to more difficult phonic skills.  I created these phonetic blend charts for my kindergartner who needed some extra practice with his blends. I […]