Homeschool Super Heroes Week – It’s FREE!

Back to school can be so much fun…

We celebrate back to school by slowly introducing several subjects per day over a 3 week period and also we have our annual No Back to School Party with our homeschool group.

My friend Kerry Beck is helping homeschoolers start their new year right with her 4th Annual Homeschool Super Heroes Week. She’s given my readers a private invitation so you can listen to these Homeschool Super Heroes interviews for free.
16 free homeschool interviews \
Here’s how . . .Homeschool Super Heroes!
You’ll love these experts and their practical tips to starting your homeschool year on the right foot!  My interview will be launching on Wednesday.  And by no means, am I a homeschool super hereo, in fact, just the opposite, but I do share living frugally in order to train my children at home.

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