DIY Homeschool Science Kits!

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DIYhomeschool science kits

Putting together DIY homeschool science kits are very inexpensive and are always a hit with children!

They make FUN presents, too!

Almost all the supplies you can purchase at the dollar store. 

Here’s a few items to get you started:

DIY homeschool science kit

It’s FUN for the children to record their observations and experiments in their very own science notebook.

For additional gifts, you could add science experiment books for them to continue with their science projects year after year.

I can’t think of a better and inexpensive gift than DIY homeschool science kits, can you?


  1. I tried the potato/straw experiment with my kids today and it was a laughable fail. I could quite easily stab a potato with a straw without my thumb over the end, and it was actually harder to do with my thumb over the end because the key is told the straw down low and you need two hands to plug the top end and hold the straw at the bottom at the same time.

    I have no idea what we proved scientifically, other than you can’t always trust what you see on Pinterest. 🙂

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