I was not familiar with Math Essentials before having the opportunity to complete a homeschool product review for the TOS Crew.

Math Essentials gave us numerous options to review from their extensive list of products and I chose No-Nonsense Algebra for my high schooler and Fractions for my 5th grader.


No-Nonsense Algebra is a complete Algebra 1 program that comes in a workbook form.  What is unique about this program is that you receive a password in the back of the book, so your student can set up an account on their website.  The student has the option of viewing a video explaining in detail each lesson and skill.  This is a major plus for our large family since my time is limited.

I have my son look over and read the written explanation in the book first of each lesson, if he feels he can complete the lesson without the video, he is free to do so.  I have him check his own work with the answer key in the back of the workbook.  At that time, if there is something he doesn’t understand, he watches the video again and we go over the problems together.

My son really likes this program because the lessons are much shorter than the other comparable math programs.  Math is not his strong point, so the review problems in each lesson is a plus.

The only con is that these products are consumable, but the price is very reasonable in my opinion not making it an issue for our family.


I chose Fractions – Mastering Essential Math Skills for my 5th grader who was having a lot of trouble with the basic concept of fractions.  He gained a greater understanding of fractions by completing the first quarter of  the book with my assistance.  He was unable to move on because this book was too advance for him.  This book is a complete overview of fractions.  It’s very thorough program and review.

This workbook is excellent for students who are in middle school who need extra help in a certain area.  We will revisit this book when we move ahead in fractions towards the end of next year.

The explanations for each fraction concept was easily understood and I love the review of the previous lessons at the top of each new lesson.  A huge plus for my son.

You can purchase No-Nonese Algebra for 27.95 and that includes the online videos.  You can purchase Fractions – Mastering Essential Math Skills for 11.95.  These products are well worth the money and they will make an excellent addition to any homeschool family

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I received a copy of No-Nonsense Algebra and Fractions – Mastering Essential Math Skills in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was given.